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Oldmaid goes naked on her last ride- introducing Zeddee

Discussion in 'Naked' started by Oldmaid, Dec 5, 2015.

  1. Well to those of you who guessed well done. To those of you who gleefully cried BS suck it up and swallow coz here is Zeddee. He is a 2016 Z1000 ABS (which can't be disengaged). No bells and whistles which is just how I like it.
    1043cc of throbbing acceleration between my legs and god, this was a ride that left me weak kneed.
    Has to be lowered yet and as a consequence, bruised my left leg to buggery on the left foot peg but we'll get used to it. Great colours as well. A new set of gear happening and it maybe time to slaughter a herd of cows for the leather bits.
    $1.75 was like 80km friggin fantastic, great manoueverability , sticks like shit to lino going in hard through the corners. Crikey mikey.
    I hate to say it but I think, (think being the operative word guys pls) that I rode so much better on Zeddee than Wasabi. Smoother even.
    Okay stopping was bruise time as still a bit high in the seat but we didn't notice that until the adrenalin went.
    Can't get until at least 10 working days because of the lowering link order. But what a ride and bugger me senseless, Zeddee is mine. MINE
    Woooofcukin whooooooooooooo

    So so happy that my cheeks hurt, even my butt cheeks as well from grinning so much. This sad, fat old biatch has a beautiful 1043cc Kawasaki that she actually can ride, she will learn to ride really well and she will get to have the time of her life on. Hate having my photo taken for obvious reasons but was way too happy to give a rat's arse and still not caring. I am what I am.
    Track days. Bring. It. On.
    I can't wait to do some serious fun riding with my Zeddee.
    So here is Zedee. Will showcase him once I get him in my arms again...
    image. image. image.

    Frickin bruises AGAIN thought I left that behind as a noobie... :(
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  2. Congratulations Miss Jane, I wish you many years of enjoyment...
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  3. I fuken knew it was a zed thou!!!
    Congrats, they're an excellent bike.
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  4. One hell of a mean looking face on those. Looks like it might bite!

    Congrats on your new rocketship.

    Sometimes bruises just show how good a time you had...
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  5. They are the duck's nuts!
    Acceleration made my ears pop.
    Cornering. Phoooooeee noice
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  6. Yep, I had a MKIII 2011 model, loved it and lost my licence on it. Wonderful bikes.
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  7. Wasabi to a big Zed ..... love your style. Bugger all the baby steps in between just skip the mid range crap and head for the litre class. At least you can add a Yoshi and not cop any bull shite this time around.

    images (5). It's not a Duc. but I am truly impressed - beautiful bike .. congrats.
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  8. Giggity.
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  9. What a sexy looking couple :)

    That's an amazing colour scheme OldmaidOldmaid

    Hope you have an amazing time
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  10. Oldmaid. You and the bike look hot as fcuk together, and you have what a lot of others have not got ,a personality.
    Go get em.
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  11. Cool bike! Wooohooo!
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  12. Great choice I am sure it will give you many hours of fun. Congratulations.
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  13. (y) sheet hot !!!!
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  14. Congrate Jane

    As they say - all good things come to those who wait. Might have taken a couple of years but I'm sure Zeddee will be worth it.

    Only thing is.......with Zeddee's cornering prowess the Oxley might become all flat and straight and rather boring.......
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  15. Congratulations Jane, well done to you :)
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  16. GeorgeOGeorgeO more likely my hair'll end up dead straight from scaring myself witless the first couple of times on some of those corners on the Oxley times on Zeddee.
    Certainly will be fun learning to handle the Oxley on Zeddee though.
    Whoda thunk I could dream AND do it
    An excellent end to both our years eh George? :)
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  17. Once you ride supernaked you wont go back.
    Awsome ride congrats, ohh and hold it south!
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  18. How what when why said Zeddee's owner with a twinkle in her eye...:
  19. Mine was called Zebedee
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  20. #20 Greydog, Dec 5, 2015
    Last edited by a moderator: Dec 5, 2015

    Mines lowered too, made a huge difference.

    Mine is Artemis....after the Amazonian version of the goddess. Large, yet beautiful.
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