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Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by bear_au46, Mar 24, 2006.

  1. hi all :grin:
    just registered on this site
    59yo male havent had a bike for 20 yrs so just got myself a suzi vx800 couple of weeks ago to go for rides with sons (both have bikes 1000's)

  2. welcome back to the darkside oldtimer
  3. Bear, welcome to the friendly forum
    Any old tick now Dante will turn up and welcome you to the coffee night; do come along and meet the guys 'n gal (1 so far!)
  4. welcome come along to the brewery at homebush!!

    (was that the D signal i saw in the sky over gotham city er i mean sydney..?)
  5. Woo-hooo, Paul's Prophecy Palace is open for business!!
  6. the sydney netriders guys n gals are a great welcoming bunch of people bear, i came along to netrider in jan i have been having the time of my life ever since.

    there is a ride or event on almost every other week so far, im currently looking forward to going on a royal nat park ride / kangeroo vally or perhaps a putty road adventure soon

    what part of west sydney you in ? i am in hornsby myself.
  7. Welcome bear ,hope you get to coffee night , at the pub . .LOL.
  8. Welcome aboard bear,
    Nice choice of cycle....seen couriers get heaps of use
    outa them...I'm a young fella,46...down in the riverina...
    Hey People,
    maybe we could have a 'coffee night' at a Pub somewhere
    between Sydney & Melbourne...sometime...Jingellic??
  9. welcome bear, i bet your glad to be back ;)