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Oldie NOOB

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Andrew West, Nov 19, 2014.

  1. Hi all, new member here from northern beaches NSW. At the graceful age of half a century + 1 I finally took the plunge and jumped on two wheels and I guess like a lot of members on here now wonder why I left it so long !.
    I'm riding a Suzuki GSX 650F and enjoying it thoroughly. Sitting my MOST next week so on the advice of another biker I bumped into, I,m going to take the opportunity to join the learners ride out in Homebush this Saturday.
    Anyway that's all for now and as I can see from the events calendar it looks like I will be joining in on some more rides in the near future and looking forward to meeting other members.

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  2. Howdy and welcome young fella.
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  3. Welcome Andrew, well worth the Homebush practice. The guys there do a great job.
  4. Not another youngster! Welcome anyway!
  5. Welcome, Pup. There are a few of us located nearby. Come and join a ride once you've got some K's under your tyres
  6. Good luck Andrew! Did my MOST last month, successfully. You'll be fine!
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  7. Welcome to two wheels, and to Netrider!!!!
  8. Thanks for the welcome guys, looks like a bit cooler weather for tomorrows Learners class/ride out at Homebush and if I can get a leave pass from she that will be obeyed, I might even join the Taymaishu Biffo Ride on the Sunday. I've done the PITS -Old Rd café then up to Calga roundabout and then back to Wisemans ferry and back to Hornsby through the Galston gorge a few times now trying to get the K's under my belt and it would be good to meet a few members, so I have my fingers crossed.
  9. Welcome to Netrider!
    Where only your posts get judged! Not your age.. =]
  10. :]welcome aboard
  11. Welcome Andrew WestAndrew West . I started at exactly the same age earlier this year. 4 months and 9000kms later, I'm now only 50. Don't know why scientists are still apparently researching how to reverse ageing when us motorcyclists already have this taped. Have fun.
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  12. totally agree Cris lol
  13. Welcome to NR. I am a bit older than you and a lot younger than some. We have many years of riding to go.
  14. Good to hear you are getting out and about. Its the slow spped training that is more important for the MOST and if you've put as much dedication into that you should have no problems. Welcomd to the forummm.
  15. Agreed that's why I went out to Homebush on Saturday and used the practise MOST course with another couple of riders. Yes the slow speed U turn really took a lot of getting used to but as advised throughout this website, feathering the clutch and using the rear brake I eventually grew in confidence. Just have to keep practicing (y);)
  16. hello from another old noob.....:)
  17. Hi and I think we should go with "mature" noob lol 8)
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  18. Welcome to NR..
  19. :woot: Woooohooooo passed my MOST test today. Was a good day even if the weather was a bit ordinary and special thanks to our instructor Dave at St Ives testing facility who really went that extra yard giving me good advice to get through the U-turn part of the test which I was struggling with on a bigger bike. (y)
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  20. Congratulations Andrew! Well done mate :)