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Oldie here, another newbie

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Oldie, Mar 20, 2012.

  1. Hi Guys and Girls,

    I'm a 52 year old empty nester and I'm back in the saddle after 18 years raising my daughter on my own.. that was a test and a half but well worth it.

    All of those past 18 years I could hear bikes going by on the highway and thought to myself.. Lucky B.st.rds.. dunno if it's PC to write that word here.

    But now I found a perfect bike for me.. Yamaharley 1100 Classic.. way better than the old Shovel or Yam 650 I used to ride.

    So, I'm a bit crazy, I forget stuff, I can't stand Dishonest people at all, can't stand Boguns either despite Gumbieville being full of them.. we could say the Gene Pool is so shallow you can't drown a kitten in it.

    I did the stay at home Dad thing, coz I got pensioned off in the mid 90's, so I did 6 years Tuckshop, and all the other school stuff Mum's get to do when you are at work. And I wouldn't change any of it.

    I'm into spiritual growth, but nothing that is based in any Belief-Systems or New Age blatherings either.. I forged my own path and found simple methods that reallyhelp the majority of people to experience things for themselves.. that's the crazy bit about me.

    I'm also an avid online sim-racer. So I have a fairly decent force feedback setup in the cokpit and spend a few hours each week practicing for the next event my club (Online Racing Australia) is going to run.

    I do pretty well at it as well. Won two championships, got quite a few decent trophies from the efforts. But, the bike is taking some priority now that I can get in the wind again.

    And that's about it.. boring old f.rt huh.

    PS... Gumbieville is what I call Warwick.. 2.5 hrs from Brisvegas
  2. Hiya!

    Welcome to NR! Online sim racing.. that's different. the only online games I play are mind games :grin:

    A fine line between dishonest and twisting the truth; though considering that you're a self made man with ethics and morals solid enough to be the guiding light for other to reach their own conclusions and achieve their own goals, I'd imagine you already knew that... Not that I'm saying I am dishonest nor an angel by any means.

    I'm a speed junkie (the velocity over distance kind) and have the driving record to prove it.. Generally I just say what's on my mind without overly thinking about it too much, so if a line of text reads a little weird or direct, I don't do it intentionally... or do I ... o_O
  3. ......... anyone who's owned an XS-650 is more than welcome on Netrider )
  4. Hi and welocme to NR

    Fortunately there are other ways to kill kittens.
  5. Welcome to NR Oldie! (y)
  6. Thanks for the warm welcome gents, much appreciated.

    Well something is up, I am a steady as she goes rider now, couldn't kill a kitten if I had to.. and still have a soft spot for the old XS1.

    This senior ctizenship isn't that bad after all
  7. Welcome back to riding & welcome to NR.

    - - -
    Tapatalking loud, saying somethin'
  8. Welcome Oldie :)

    You might recognise my name :p

    Catch you around the site :)

  9. Thanks again.

    Hiya Nige.. small world mate.
  10. Damn straight it is :p
  11. I've been to Warwick and I still reckon Toowoomba is worse, welcome Oldie
  12. Welcome Oldie!
  13. Thanks again guys.

    Thought I might post up my bike pics...


  14. Cool pics, Oldie. (y)
  15. welcome to NR nice lookin bike
  16. Hi Oldie, nice ride mate.

    Another sim-racer here... what are you playing?

    E: oh I see, rFactor. I've been in and out of GPL, LFS, and a little IRacing. Never really got a feel for rFactor though.

    Anyhow, welcome!
  17. Cool bike, enjoy it.

    Did my years of canteen as well, as I only worked part time while the kids were in primary school. Only come across a couple of guys, who did it.

    I know the kids used to love the days I was on.
  18. Goop,
    Mainly rFactor, some Evo and toying with rFactor2 Beta at the moment.

    You'd be the only other Dad I heard of doing tuckshop. I had a great time with it, the women were mostly fun to work with.

    Thanks again for the welcome guys
  19. Oh really? They never mentioned THAT in the pamphlets sent home, else I might've had a go...

    BAHAHAHA! That's a bit rough, Oldie - you hardly know the girl to be calling her butch...
  20. =D>

    Didn't have the heart to tell him. I do have 2 older brothers so did play football, cricket in the backyard, does that count as butch.

    I think it's good the way he doesn't look at the colour of your little person and judge you by it.