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Oldie but a newbie

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by RedHelmet, Feb 18, 2012.

  1. Hey guys, thanks for all the knowledge and other bits of info you've posted on the Netrider forums. The great entertainment and community feel here has convinced me to finally get a bike and register as a user. With further riding experience I hope I too can help others as you've done for me so far.

    About me - I love riding bicycles (mtb and road) so of course the natural progression would be to the motorised variety. I'm taking the conservative route (in terms of bike choice and $ spent) so while I'm on my L's I've got a used Honda VTR250. I just love the naked bike look and was also considering a very sexy Suzuki Gladius LAMS but they don't seem to hold their price as well. Riding gear is all new but budget - Korean made helmet (red in colour :) ), textile jacket and bargain bin gloves. Will see how long I last before upgrading.

    Going to go for my first ride around the block tomorrow morning. Hope to ride with you guys at the Sydney Learner Sessions some time.

  2. Congratulations on the new purchase, take it easy on the bike and enjoy the experience :)
  3. welcome to NR :)
  4. Welcome Red, good choice of bike too, have fun.
  5. Welcome to NR, Red. Great choice of bike - let us know how your first "blocky" went. :D
  6. "It was really good"

    Thanks for asking. How good was the weather in Sydney?! Was out for 45 minutes and travelled ~15km. Stalled around 4 times (once at an intersection with a car behind me), accidentally flicked the horn 3 times, forgot to cancel the indicator half the time, top speed 50km/h (local speed limit).

    Left hand pinky finger was tired/sore while gripping the bars as (I now realise that) the leather on the glove was not sewn the same way as the right hand making it more difficult to bend. I guess that's what you get from the bargain bin. Lesson learned - hold on to a set of bars in the shop when trying out gloves.
  7. Welcome to NR & to the fascinating world of motorbikes. (y)