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Oldest Learner ??

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by jemjam, Jun 30, 2008.

  1. OK. So when the weather warms up and I do the Stay Upright course, will I be the oldest learner here? I'm 52, been putting off buying a bike for more than 30 years, now drooling every time I walk past a parked cruiser. :grin:

  2. Welcome to Netrider :). You might well be the oldest learner, or at least the oldest one to admit to it :LOL:.

    You should tell us the decision-making process you went through, I'd be interested to hear it....
  3. I was 57 when I got my Learners last August. Go for it!! :)
  4. Welcome Jemjam,
    never too late and you'll have some wisdom behind you.
    Take it easy and don't rush.
    Better to enjoy than rush it all.
    Cheers and catch up
  5. No worries about age - Dad rode motorbikes before I was born, but I don't remember him riding when I was growing up. He's recently got back into it, bought a bike, upgraded it and is now getting me and my boyfriend into it!
  6. Welcome! You're sure gonna love it. I don't think that's effected by any age :wink:
  7. What a friendly bunch you are! So many replies so quickly! Hornet, I was a "gunna do it" several times, starting in London in the late 70s. The last time was in Sydney in the 80s. I'd actually got to the point of booking the Stay Upright course when a friend talked me out of it. Said friend was a biker who'd ridden round the world, written for bike mags and was a fan of death defying sports like gliding (what, no engine!!). He put a lot of energy into talking me and his brother out of bikes in Sydney. Brother had kids, I was about too. Friend said, don't ride in Sydney if you don't want your kids to be fatherless.
    Anyway, I spent a couple of decades being Captain Sensible. But now the kids are 16 and 19, and I started to day dream about bikes again. Then a couple of months ago, my wife and I were talking about what to do about petrol prices, and she said 'You know you could get a cute little scooter'. I said 'Hmm, I could .. but then again what about a Virago, or an Eliminator or a V25 or ...'. (Or if I'm really brave, a Triumph America is learner legal in the aCT).
    But you know who's trying to talk me out of it now? My super-cool 16 year old son who thinks I'm being 'ridiculous'.
  8. Tell him to mind his own business or you'll write him out of your will :LOL:.
  9. :LOL: Have a NR coffee at your place and he'll change his mind :wink:
  10. never an old learner mate

    im sure there are guys out there that are 70+ and still "learning" on their motorcycles :idea: :grin:
  11. was 52 when I got my L's. go for it!
    stuff cruisers. get something that handles.
  12. I was 44 when i got my learners for VTR250
    I was 45 when I got my RE Licence,
    now I'm 47 and back on learners again in Qld for my open licence for my new ride the '08 CB400
    and will probably be 48 when I get my R licence.

    Got my license thru Q Ride first time around and toying whether to go with Qld transport to upgrade as it will only be a 45 min road test and depart with $40.45 and to do QRide again is gonna cost me $300 and all day again to repeat it.

    BTW my biggest knocker was my then 22yr old daughter who said she wasnt visiting me in hospital when I came off the bike, here I am with 27k under my belt and a trip from Bris to MotoGP in '06 and not put a mark on my bike, her on the other hand has has 4 car accidents in that same period of time.

    The Y Gen, they know it all in todays world.
  13. I'm waiting for the day Dad tells me he won't be visiting me - although any hospital visits for me will probably be the result of rule #2 of riding with Dad...
  14. lol at my Ls the instructor said he had an 82 yo do his Ls so he could take his grandson on a ride! how awesome.
  15. Sounds like a long and painful decision making process.
    I would suggest if you are doing this for the fun of it, that anything other than a virago is in order. Now I am not attacking the Virago for what it is, but what it is, is the cheapest entry level 250 cruiser on the market. It has less power, and more importantly less torque than anything else in the category. If funds aren’t the driving factor, I would be suggesting anything else on your list (except maybe be wary of the Hyosung Aquila (Search for Hyosung on the forums and you will find a Raging debate on the subject (repeatedly)))
  16. Welcome to the world of two wheels mate!
    Reading some of the replies here, I feel better about getting on-board late in life ( last year) :wink:
    Enjoy and Be Safe
  17. watch

    1 worlds fastest Indian
    2 Wild Hogs

    then make up your mind :LOL:

    this guy didnt feel too old to break a record

  18. I am taking my dad next week and we are both getting our L's ... I'm 37 he is 65 :grin:
  19. Good on you! I'm trying to get on a course with a friend, so we can scare my Dad when he gets back from overseas...tell him we both passed the 'boy test'! But we're only 21, so nothing exciting age wise!
  20. I suppose I'm not starting all that late, 33, but after about 14 months riding I wish I had started earlier.

    I almost get a bit upset with myself thinking I've lost 15 years that I could have been riding instead of driving. :?