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Older Yammy XJ900

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by echoball, Nov 15, 2005.

  1. Are the older XJ900's (mid-late 80's) shafties? Does anyone know much about them? :)

  2. Yep they are shafties most of them endded up as courier bikes and ground into oblivion in the pursuit of dollars just about unburstable drive line will need a full suspension overhaul now they where softely sprung and they where a great touring bike and if not propely tuned they could be a bit of a juice pig but the GPZ900 from the same era was more popular
  3. thanks Brucey! have found an old one for a couple of grand, supposedly in good nick....but we'll see about that!
  4. Found this info on a web site it sums it up nicely on how they age

    Bumpy roads also set off the speed wobble, but more than 100mph was needed on the clock before that happened, easy enough to avoid. Save that some GTi hero decided to race me along a, for once, deserted A5. The VW was good for 120mph on the straights and I felt honour bound to overtake him. No doubt he was highly amused to find the bike that had just shot past him suddenly falling apart before his eyes. As the bars banged from lock to lock, the XJ leapt from one side of the road to the other, I thought I was going to find out if there was life after death. The road smoothed out and the wildness died down! Still, I didn't try to take the GTi when he roared past - my hands were still shaking for hours afterwards.

    At first glance, the XJ900's just your average UJM. Ride one, it has none of the blandness you might expect. As well as the sometimes vile handling, there's always a certain direct connection to the road that sends back loads of stimuli. Similarly, there's hardly any need to look at the tacho; a change in engine note, a sudden pouring out of power, a blitz of secondary vibes - all indicate what kind of revs it's pulling. The brakes are naff, the finish good and the comfort passable. It's not cheap to run - 35mpg, 6000 miles from the tyres and the front EBC's last less than 4000 miles but that might be the scored discs.

    They are cheap, fast and furious. No need to pay more than a grand for something usable. Signs of age are found in the gearchange, shaft drive and braking system, but also check over the electrical system for rotten insulation. Make sure the suspension's been upgraded, a whole front end off something newer might be worth paying a bit extra for. Loads of XJ's on offer, masses of cheap spares in breakers. Engine life varies between 40,000 miles and over a 100,000 miles - depending on how the owner treats them and how regularly they are serviced (top ends can be a weak spot if oil changes are neglected). I would happily trade mine for a newer one.

    Mike Lansing

    Hope this helps