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older motorcyclists 'more likely to be injured'

Discussion in 'Research, Studies, and Data' at netrider.net.au started by A boy named Sue, Feb 7, 2013.

  1. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-21350883#TWEET588529

    Older motorcyclists 'more likely to be injured'

    By Anna-Marie LeverHealth reporter, BBC News
    _65743414_biker2. Refresher courses are available for those coming back to biking
    Motorcyclists over the age of 60 are three times more likely to be hospitalised after a crash than younger bikers, a US study suggests.
    The report in the journal Injury Prevention found that serious chest and rib cage fractures were very common.
    The authors suggest that reduced bone strength in older adults and their ability to buy more powerful bikes may play a part.
    Motorbike groups in the UK say they have seen similar trends.
    Nich Brown, from the Motorcycle Action Group, said: "The number of older motorcyclists in Britain has risen over the past decade - as has the number being injured. Although the numbers are much smaller than the US - the proportion of injury in each age group is similar.
    "As well as an ageing population, the popularity of motorcycling among older riders - with the time and cash to spend, means more are returning to biking or taking it up for the first time - for the most part quite safety."
    The study analysed data between 2001 to 2008 from the US National Electronic Injury Surveillance System-All Injury Program (NEISS-AIP) which collects information from 100 US hospitals which have an A&E.
    During this period about 1.5 million adults over the age of 20 needed emergency treatment due to a motorcycle crash.
    Bikers over the age of 60 were three times more likely to be admitted to hospital compared to those in their 20s and 30s - and two-and-a-half times more likely to sustain a serious injury.
    The authors of the study said: "The greater severity of injuries among older adults may be due to the physiological changes that occur as the body ages, bone strength decreases, fat distribution may change and there is a decrease in the elasticity of the chest wall.
    "Other factors such as a delayed reaction time, altered balance and worsening vision may also make older adults more prone to crashing."
    They point out that underlying illnesses like cardiac disease, hypertension and diabetes may also increase the rise of complications.
    'Keep skills up'
    Data on motorbike size was not available to the researchers, but they suggested that older adults are more likely to buy bikes with larger engines - leading to more severe injuries.
    Upper body fractures were more common in older adults - while arm, shoulder and hand fractures were more likely in those that were younger.
    This may be due to their faster reaction times - sticking their arms out to protect their fall, suggests Chris Hodder from the British Motorcyclists Federation.
    He said: "There are fewer accidents here in the UK than the US - we've had a good rider training programme over the last 40-50 years - while in the US training has been a mixed picture due to its size and differences across states. Also drink-driving is much a bigger problem there.
    "There are plenty of post-test courses in the UK. If you are coming back to motorcycling it would be good to look out for refresher training. Those that ride regularly should keep their skills up. If you have the money, high quality chest protectors are also a good idea."

  2. Anyone over the age of 60 in pretty-much ANY accident is more likely to be injured than a younger person. Someone got PAID for stating the bleeding obvious?
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  3. Hornet can end up in hospital if he nods too hard :p This study is hardly rocket science.
  4. I thought hornet rocket surgery was worth media attention......?
  5. And oh yeah......get old.....get brittle....

    Only choice.....die young.....(working on it)
  6. Old and brittle works for me.
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  7. If you get old and sedentary you get even MORE brittle. Better to be out, active and hold back the unpleasant parts of aging for as long as possible.

    and ... ahem ... GROW OLD DISGRACEFULLY! :D
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  8. Brave man indeed......

    Age is a state of mind right?

    So if "choose" to revert back to an impetuous 21 year old without regard then I'm OK yeah?
  9. Old news redredged by a news hungry ,media
  10. What meathead institution paid to have that study done?? Honestly they should be fined.
    How many wells could that have brought a third world country, how much vaccine?
    When they first brought out parabolic ski's Thredo looked like a war zone with all the fossils hyper-extending their knees going from one bar to another. Pfgght easier to turn...as long as you can turn with it lol.
    You come to a dead stop @ 50 k's @ 50 y/o.... you gunna a need a couple of hours in hospital. Actually if the exhaust pipe didn't go through my calf muscle I could have ridden home........ I call bullshit
  11. Probably also a factor would be older folks generally are a lot more laid back in their riding so will have less low sides which are less likely to end up in a serious injury than a SMIDSY.

  12. That is exactly what the owner of a long-established Sydney motorcycle workshop told me several years ago. He also said that it is because of these old fools who've returned to riding after a 30 year hiatus but still thinking that nothing under 80 cubic inches is powerful enough for them, that the cost of CTP is so goddamn high. They have no idea how powerful modern bikes are so they buy something they can't possibly handle and then crash whilst wobbling around a corner at 30km/h with their dough bodied, turkey necked, saggy breasted wives on the back, and it is the cost of medical care for their stupid pillion passengers that drives up the pricing for everyone else.

    IMO, NSW must bring in single seat registration and the lower CTP costs that accompany it.
  13. I'm beginning to think you are a seriously disturbed young man Rainbow7, with a somewhat detached and unrealistic view of many aspects of life.
  14. rainbow > lol
  15. calcium tablets ..
  16. I know a guy, whom I can't identify, that told me about a study done by the military a few years back.
    They got a study grant and successfully determined that sick soldiers were less combat effective than healthy soldiers.
    While comments like, "your tax dollars at work", with all due sarcasm, are not unwarranted in academic circles this kind of thing leads on to further studies to determine exactly which maladies impact combat effectiveness more, which in turn can lead to work on preventing those illnesses that are most detrimental and an eventual change in training, diet and hygiene practices ... or they might if the study was ever followed up ... which thus far it hasn't been.

  17. Ummmm..............what?

    Don't misunderstand......I can digest what you've typed.......I just struggle to follow the logic and context....

    Shell-shock is not killing older motorcyclists more than any other motorcyclist......
  18. Re-read my post, McSenna: I did not give my own opinion until the very last line. Everything prior to that was the opinion of someone else.

    Also, "young man"? - How old do you think I am?
  19. Just taking the piss mate.
    Everyone is a "young man" to me.
  20. there is a sub-theme about pointless studies in this thread, that is the context