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Older more powerful or Newer less powerful?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by shady_knife, Mar 23, 2009.

  1. in the long run (as in i don't want to be buying another bike 12 months after i get my next bike, which would be better

    so would it be better to get a older (say mid/late 90's) powerful bike (900cc or more) or a newer smaller bike (600cc-750cc)

    if i go from a 500 to a 900cc will it stint my 'growth' or would it just take longer to adjust, but will last me longer? or is the better option going a 600-750 cc? what i don't want to happen is i get a bike, then i have it for 12 months and want a more powerful one? so will a 600 or so sedate that urge for a few years or is a more powerful one the better option?

    thoughts ect.
  2. i own a R6 and for me, its got more power than i need, if u want something more powerfull then its pointless for roads, good for trackdays though
  3. Test ride the bikes you are thinking of and you will soon see which better suits your needs.

    haha, no it wont stint your "growth". It will still have a throttle on the right that you control with your wrist.
  4. My blade really not pointless for the roads, it has something called midrange ;) And at the track I'd prefer to have a 600 :p

    Go ride some of the bikes you're thinking about.
  5. In a few months I'll be having the same thoughts. I'm leaning towards an older 900cc/1000cc instead of an older 600cc because they cost almost the same.

    People say the big bikes are more 'streetable', but to be honest, even a 250 pulls very well if you know what a clutch is. I just want a big bike because I can't imagine getting tired of the power. :LOL:
  6. just looking at the CC of the engine is no measurement of power. ideally you want to pull up some specs on the maximum torque, maximum power and what RPM those values are at. that will give you an idea of where the powerband is and how suitable that is for street use
  7. Sorry, bit of topic... SHADY_KNIFE, you have a brilliant avatar! I love it! Its hard to take in everything you write on your posts though because of it :)
  8. Just ride lots of bikes.

    Sometimes i wish i went for a nice flickable 600 or a motard :LOL:

    Not that i don't love my bike but it's taken a bit to learn how to nail corners really well. I reckon guys that say they'd get bored of a 600 are straightline squids. :LOL:
  9. I am in 2 minds about it really.

    If your riding was purely just getting out in the mountains every weekend to ride hard, I would opt for a sporty 600 or 750.

    But if you ride around town as well, in traffic more etc, get a bigger older bike.

    My '89 ZX10 is great in traffic, as is my '02 speed triple.

    That said, you might like something like a V-twin or something of that ilk.

    Go and sit on as many bikes as you can and make a list. Then take a look at prices, and ride the ones that you can afford. :cool:

    Then go ride some you cant afford and buy them anyway :LOL: :LOL: :p
  10. I ride an old 900 and am happy :grin:
  11. Your probably always going to want more power. Over they years I gradually built cars up, from being scared shitless of 200rwkw, to thinking the car was so boring it must have serious mechanical issues :p

    So why not take as many "steps" as you can eh, lest you end up with a turbo busa.
  12. Oh boy...the age old question...
    Honestly...if you got a newer 600-750, you might find there is no need to upgrade at all. It' is'nt an automatic requirement.

    I Like my thou, because I like the extra grunt, but cornering where all the excitement is at, I'd probably be just as happy on a 600 sportsbike, most of the time.
  13. i can't imagine how a thou is better than even a 250 round town at anything other than using more fuel.
  14. Sorry, but 250's are just not enough in traffic...the thou is reasonably easy to ride in traffic, but of course, that's not where it's design was intended either, but they manage it quite well.
  15. what is it that makes a 250 'not enough'?

    they generally have reasonable good power/weight, can fit through the smallest gaps, and will cruise comfortably at 80. for the open road something bigger might be more suited, but i did say 'round town'.
  16. I'd appreciate having a bit more grunt in traffic. Just for safety's sake really.
    It'd be easier to hit gaps and get out of sticky situations. Would also enable me to get away from the maniacs in BMWs and WRXs that chase me down princes hwy intent on making me roadkill! :shock:
  17. I gotta side with Junglist here, Raven. :p :LOL:

    32 thundering VTR250 horsepowers was plenty for most stop-light grand prix events, and felt more than adequate for urgent overtaking, at least until the speedlimit is >100kph.

    Just means you've gotta keep the engine "on the boil" up around 7000rpm if you think you'll need some grunt, instead of tractoring around at 3000rpm like a litrebike.
  18. Heh why do people buy cruisers with 1.8L engines...
  19. why do people buy 4L (what was the latest holden behemoth? 7.2L? thats crazy) sedans when euro or jap 2.8L engines develop more than enough pWoWer...

    bragging rights.