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Older model GS500's etc.

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by tiger6, Apr 21, 2008.

  1. Hi all,
    New member here. I'm doing my L's course in a few weeks time and I've been researching bikes.
    I'm on the big side - 6'6" and 115kg, so I think the GS500, ER-5 type bikes fit the bill.
    Does anyone know where all the older ones go? Say 89 to 97 models? Just looking at TP, Bikesales etc. only seems to turn up late models.

  2. Welcome mate.Good luck with the L's.
    Answer to the question - probably the wreckers
  3. They are a solid, simple, reliable machine, so owners often hang onto them. I can't speak for NSW, but here in Vic they're often used as courier bike. I'd try wreckers or larger-scale bike shops where there's an increased chance of one being traded-in. Also try Just Bikes magazine or put up a 'wanted' ad somewhere :)
  4. Welcome Aboard!!!

    +1 Wreckers
  5. There wasn't really that many sold, because a lot of people skip this step when buying up. The GS sold in greater number than the ER.

    Now their popularity is high because of LAMS so they are holding their value well and disappearing fast.

    Have you considered a large road/Trail like an xr600?
  6. Yeah i've been looking at a road/trail and maybe some road tyres. Can't seem to find any reasonably priced. Is there any othe models I should be looking at?

    PS. Bike will be for commuting/fun riding only. No long distances. Maybe 1 hour max rides.