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Older mc returning to road

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by sciencepeter, Apr 20, 2016.

  1. Hi,
    Older mc, but really enjoy the 390. Started to ride again after 50 years absence. Will post some information later.

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  2. Wow, welcome back
  3. Welcome sciencepetersciencepeter , look forward to reading how you're progressing and if you think there have been improvements in bikes in general.
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  4. Welcome :cool:
  5. Welcome to the Welcome thread!
  6. gday youngster - welcome back to riding - it's great to see mature riders getting back into it, why should the immature ones have all the fun - love it!
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  7. Welcome to NR
  8. Hi All,
    Thanks for your cherrie welcomes. Yes it's been over 50 years since I stopped riding after coming off on the gravel edge on way home from work. Skidded on my hands. So, big learning curve coming back - but abs, good rubber, lightweight, beautiful balance, responsive and I believe a slipper clutch ( correct me if I am wrong).
    4,500 Klm in 4 months - best to all.
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  9. G'day and welcome, PeterPeter. Over a thousand kilometres per month is a good indication you're enjoying the return to motorcycling!
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  10. Welcome Peter.
    FYI , there are lots of Midlife Crisis Centers waiting to take your call.
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  11. welcome aboard :) & welcome back
  12. Welcome back to motorcycling.

    50 years? Christ. My mind is boggling at how different motorcycling (and everything else) would have been back then.
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  13. Yes - all bikes where steam powered back in those days :sneaky:
  14. and on the eighth day God created a red and white Brutale
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  15. Have you heard this tale before then?
  16. yes as a matter of fact, the hymn that accompanies that parable is called 'O George'
  17. Not quite, but it's nonetheless a pretty stark difference when this was the state of the art when you last rode a bike:

  18. Hi all & GeorgeO,
    That is one beautiful red older bike. Such classic looks. I really like the stance of the older headlights, how they are a statement in themselves.
    As an older rider, I miss many of the old things that I took for granted when growing up. I really do miss the 6o's, but i guess that is what happens to every generation.
  19. Welcome to NR from Adelaide. Good to have you on NR so that I can be one of the young one's on here.
  20. Welcome sciencepeter, and welcome back to the glorious world of two-wheels

    I've only been riding for 5 or so years, yet I can barely fathom not riding for fifty.
    Nevertheless, congrats on getting back in the saddle!

    Oh, and don't worry - I miss the 90s, they'll always be 10 years ago to me!
    *prepares for all the older members to bring out their best 'back in my day's...*