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older bike insurance?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by shady_knife, May 15, 2009.

  1. hey

    i need a company that does cheap insurance for older bikes

    was with swann, but they only go back 15 years (thats the cut off) and it was $1050 a year for a gs500f, now i want to insure a 1988 honda cbr250 and insuremyride quote me as $1800 a year.

    im on my P's, but why the huge difference between the gs500 and the 250?

    anyway, whats a good insurance company?
  2. Some people say that Shannons give good insurance prices (didn't for me). QBE seem to have a good insurance prices. See how you go with them.
  3. Two years ago I had an 83 gpz250 insured with RACV
  4. I'd dare say it would be something to do with the theft rate, if you're talking comprehensive. There's a lot of hektic riders on CBR250s so I'm sure they're throwing the numbers out.
  5. InsureMyRide are pretty cheap, but only if you have a clean license record.

    I'm, ahh, no longer insured with them :(
  6. It's the poofy fairings, they assume people with fairings can't ride.
  7. Lots of cbrs, lots of young riders, lots of crashes = High insurance premium for another young rider with a ??% chance of crashing
  8. QBE have a 20 year cut off.

    Shannons will probably cover you but not for everyday use.

    I would speculate that CBR250RRRRRRRRRRs crash more than GS500s and cost more to fix when they do.
  9. You think the unexpected wont happen to you?
    riders of all experiences crash.
  10. My 1982 Triumph is insured through them - either they're BS-ing you (or me) or its some other reason. GIO, RACV?
  11. Is that why you broke yours off?

  12. What level of insurance do you want to get? if third party is what you want, most insurance company will do it.

    I had insurance with a 88 cbr250 with swan (comprehensive), then WesternQBE.
  13. rang swann they said 15 year cut off.... mmmmmmmmmm will ring again on monday i suppose.
  14. No not at all, I was just saying premiums are expensive because the stats surrounding cbrs suggest they are involved in a lot of accidents.
  15. Quite often insurance companies don't single out specific models of bikes.
    More a combination of bike type, age of rider, location, parking etc...

    To get $1800 for a CBR250 I would assume you are on a rating 6 with previous claims or accidents.

    Shannons wont do daily rides and can be fairly stringent on riding history. The bike must also be garaged.
  16. Pay any attention to the easter news.. ?
    3 incidents - all involving R1's.

    What is your source?