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Older Bike Choice.... Ideas gratefully accepted.

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Iffracem, Oct 24, 2005.

  1. I've always been a fan of the mid 80's Jap bikes, and the new "retro's" like the Triumph Bonnevilles. A Bonney is right out of the budget tho :cry:

    But I may be a chance to get an excellent low K's '85 GSXR750. (reason I'm selling the Across)

    I'll be looking at an '85 GPZR900, and same year GPZ900. (same basic bike I believe, only cosmetic changes that I can tell), also an '85/6 FZR 750, as "backup plans" if the gixxer falls thru.

    All bikes are low K's for the age, same price, around $3,000-$3,500.

    I kinda prefer the GSXR/FZR, but the riding postition of the Kwaka's would be better for me.

    Any tips from the old hands? Or younger hands with some knowledge of these beasts. "Tinkering" around regularly to keep it on the road is no problem, actually a big plus for an ex-mechanic :wink:

    Any alternatives welcome, but not onto Beamers as a rule, and early VF1000's are out (eh Techno :wink: )

  2. Speaking as an old fart who was riding when those bikes were all new... the GPz900r tended to get bought as a sporty sports tourer where as the GSXR750 then (as now) was bought as a weekend thrashing bike. The FZ750 sort of fell halfway between (and wasn't as popular anyway).

    There is a GPz750r as well (short stroke version of the 900)... not to be confused with the earlier air cooled GPZ750, good bike also.
  3. Honda CB1100F is worth a look. It not a bad looker, its bulletproof, it handled better than most of its era, and it laid down reasonable mumbo. A good one should be right at the top of your price range, and they are just starting to appreciate.
  4. OOOO! Yup, I'd forgotten about them, guy at work has one that looks almost new. "Mumbo" is not that important as far as speed goes, but the torque would be excellent for lazy cruising the Tassie hills :D

    <adds cb1100's to the list>

  5. Suzuki Katana, choice of 750, 1000 or 1100cc - have seen a few good examples around that price range.
  6. Yup, Katana's are good, I do prefer the style of the GSXR tho.

    Any ideas of potential problems? I'm told the FZR can be a pain to do the valves.

  7. The CB1100f is good for wallowing around, I wouldn't want to be seen on one.

    The 1100R on the other hand is very collecatable, with well maintained low mileage examples pulling big dollars, probably dearer than that elusive bonneville.
  8. Don't worry you won't be, as the "cb100f" never existed.

    ps I have noticed that there are a couple of current threads where you have missed out on your compulsory pointless, and if possible abusive comment......slacker
  9. The CB1100F was the last big air cooled honda and it wasn't a bad bike, but it was also not a great bike.

    The CB1100R was a different bike (last big heavy air cooled racer and is more memorable for it's racing than anything else).

    The GSX1100 was a better bike in almost every way for general road use.

    Personally of the bikes of that era the one I would choose would be the Yamaha FJ1200, they can be picked up in your price range and they are a bullet proof design that lasted for decades (the basic motor is still used in the XJR1300) so parts are easy to obtain and mechanics are used to working on them.

    *EDIT* I meant XJR1300 not FJR
  10. Forgot about them. I agree totally, a great all-round machine.
  11. So not much point me considering one then, eh?

    Ultimate cornering ability is not of great importance, nor outright speed, acceleration is good, but any bike with 400cc or more will handle my needs there.

    Lots of comforatble torque is what I want, at a bargain price, to haul my fat arse up and down the Tassie hills, at a pace many here would be calling "sedate", for me the travelling is everything, getting there means the trips over, very dissapointing. The quicker I get there, the less time spent riding... what a waste.

    It's horses for courses, and the horse I want is a Clydesdale, not a show pony :wink:

  12. Thanks ZRX1200R.....

    sounds good <adds FJ1200 to list> :)

  13. My point exactly, the last thing I would want is a fat wallowing tank if I lived in bike paradise, the GSXR750 would be a lot nicer as you first indicated.
  14. The GSXR is my first choice, only negative is the "sports" ride postion, I do prefer the more upright position of some of the others.

    But I could live with it 8)

  15. The FJ1200 is hardly a 'fat wallowing tank', it was the first large Jap bike other than the GSXR1100 to feature an alloy perimeter frame and single shock rear end.

    As for the GSXR1100 and GSXR750 of the day they were good bikes but the handling (as a result of the 18 inch front wheel) is mostly understeer (not much fun).

    Sure they are lighter than most other bikes of the day but even back then the FZ750 was beating them half the time in production racing.

    The early GSXR's are more rememberd for being the first of the new 'style' racer replicas, but to be honest Suzuki didn't really get it right until the later 17 inch front wheel, short stroke motor version.... overated bikes (unlike the later versions).
  16. mid 80's now you're talking my era, if your looking for sports touring, I'd avoid the Katana, I owned a 750, and it was great bike when I was in my late 20's but wouldn't want to ride any distance on one now, it's a real lay over the tank and hang on to the clip-ons sort of ride. Suzuki made a real nice GS850G in the early 80's shaft drive and a smooth ride. I was on the back of one from Wagga to Amberley and we cruised easy all the way. Have you considered something like the Suzuki RF900R, I know it's early 90's more than mid 80's, but one hornbag of a bike. The RF600R is on my shortened shopping list..

    Just a thought, you being an Across rider, and obviously having a preference for bikes with luggage space, have you heard of a Honda PC800, came out around the late 80's, 800cc mini wing and the back section lifted up so you could carry your play lunch and beers in the the back.

    damn it was an ugly bike....... :cry: :cry: :cry: :( :( :(
  17. Nobby, I must admit not knowing much about the GS850, or RF900R, I shall do some googlifying soon.

    As for a preference of luggage space, meh, not a priority, nice to have tho. The Across was the best bike available at the time I had to have a toofiddy, bloody good bike for what it was built for. If I could afford to, I'd keep it.

    As for the PC800, I'll skip thanks, honda land barges are not on my long list, let alone short, & as for ugly, well having an ugly rider is enough, but a bike as well? Probably illegal in some states.

    Interesting info.. thanks guys.


    (edit: just found an RF900R.... mmmm... nice, but I think they're out of my budget)
  18. thats why God invented ful face helmets....... :wink: :wink: :wink:
  19. :LOL: :LOL:

    Yup, I resemble that remark!

    The later GS850G's look ood, fairing version is a mess tho.

    Ah.... soo much choice, :?