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Older 600's

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by rx7, Jan 11, 2007.

  1. Hi there.

    Soon to be off my restricted licence, I'm starting to look at the 600 sports bikes. I haven't ridden a sports bike before, I've only ever ridden my 125 Daelim cruiser!

    Now as much as I would like to go out and buy the latest 2007 sports bike, I can hardly afford it and I think it might be a bit foolish (dropping or crashing a brand new bike = :(). So instead I'm looking at the late 90's bikes.

    I would be looking at the CBR600's, ZXR6's, GSXR600 and the R6's. Budget of around $6500-$8500. Are there any 'dud' bikes to look out for in these years? Also, what should I be looking out for?

    And on a different note, can someone explain to me why there are so many sub 10,000km (or even sub 5,000km) 600 bikes for sale? The market seems to be constantly flooded with them...


  2. I'm guessing speed cameras may have a lot to do with that.
  3. This sector is highly competetive. The result is last years model is highly undesirable.

    Also, there is a perseption that a 600/4 is a highly strung beast and won't last that long, so people are keen to move them on.

    The reaity is, they were all well made bikes and the cycle gear will give out before the engine does.

    If you are looking mid-90's I'd be looking at the Honda or the Kawasaki. Suzuki and Yamaha didn't really stabilise until later in the decade, with models like the RF600 and the thunderace 600 interupting the lines. Both good bikes, but their lineage is less directly linked to their modern counterparts. something that is important when is comes to maintenance.

    The good thing about the honda is they run the "old" model parralel to the new model for quite a few years there, so the parts situation should be good for even longer.
  4. How much power did the 600 sportbikes of the mid - late 90's have compared with those of today?
  5. Got my hands on the Trading Post today...

    Lots of 1998-2000 model bikes listed, in fact there are too many too choose :) All within the budget as well. Mmm even a 2000 model GSXR750 and a 2000 model R1. Hehe.

    It's amusing to think you can pick up a 600 for the price of a 250cc. Then again I suppose the 250cc sports bikes hold their value better.

    Either way, I'm sure I'll pick up something nice when the time is right.
  6. From experience, I thoroughly recommend a late 90's yamaha yzf600r "thundercat" (Not an R6, a totally different beast)

    Excellent post learners beast, excellent for touring, great for commuting, and fun in the twisty bits.

    I love mine to bits :p
  7. thats guna be a learning curve that guna put a smile on ur face going from 10hp to 70hp,

    Just about any bike from that peroide will fit ur budget. Also u get lots of mid life crisis guys buying bikes and keepen em in the garage for younks only to relise they dont like the elements

    Or u could stick to the korean crap and pick an almost new GT650, but its got no wank factor
  8. Actually bikes haven't gone up much since the late 90's. There was a bit of a jump just before then, but since Hyosung have come onto the market the price has increased at a much slower rate.

    Oh, and the other reason for low K's is the weekend rider thing. In the past 10 years a lot of people have bought bike with the intent of riding 3-500km ever weekend. The reality is that happens for a couple of weekends, then the only find time to get out once a month and then it's often to a cafe only 20km away. So low k's can be quite credible, so long as you look at the usual suspect areas, like brake disc wear.
  9. I think the OP was asking has power of the bikes changed. not price :)

  10. i am with JJ great bike.
  11. Just a couple of guidelines for you, as well as what people have aready said (good advice from ibast).

    Don't buy off the 'Net unless you can also inspect/ride the bike.

    Take a competent friend (or local Netrider) with you to get a second opinion.

    If the bike shows any signs of being crashed, walk away; you're bound to find one of the same model somewhere else that hasn't

    Haggle on price; people are keen to sell so you have the upper hand.
  12. Doh! That will teach me to skim.

    Top end power hasn't gone up a great deal, though it is significant. Power wise, kawasaki led the field in this time period, but their bikes weighed a lot more. Mid-range has improved a great deal.

    Now they all weigh the same and make the same power.
  13. I read the '06 gixxer 600 is a bit down on power compared with the '06 ZX-6R, and top speed is about 15km/h less.

    The OP? :-k
  14. Original Poster
  15. cbr600f4 is a good candidate

    or stretch your budget to the f4i
  16. Wots that? don't buy a used Hornet from an old guy in woolongong???

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Sorry bloke, couldn't resist :wink:
  17. I see moving to Qyeensland hasn't dulled the JJ wit :LOL: :p.