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Old ZXR 250 verses New (2000+) ZXR 250

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by papermate, Jul 5, 2006.

  1. hi all.

    i currently own a 1993, 97 complied ZXR250. Awesome bike to learn on, goes hard as i want it, but all mechanics and myself know they can be a hornets nest in terms of re-occuring problems and putting a hole in the pocket.

    I just had a service and my cam chain tensioner replaced and the thing is running SMOOTHLY.

    my problem is i want to sell the bike now, because i dont want to run into more problems because of the age and the KM's (58,000 odd).

    I am considering buying a newer model ie. the 200 - 2003 models. Does anyone have any advise on these? is the resales hopeless because they seem to sit up around the $6000 mark which is fairly expensive for a learner or a 205cc started.

    Will i also run into the same sort of typical problems with the newer models as the older models are notorious for doing?

    advise appreciated...
  2. My logic is i'd rather have a problem with my bike and fix it properly, than go get another unknown bike and then have to fix all it's problems!

    Hows the saying go... if it's got tits or tyres, your bound for trouble. :grin:
  3. Surely you would be better of just keeping the old ZXR and then buying a differnt model once you are off your restrictions? All those 250cc sports bikes are hideously overpriced!
  4. I dont believe there is such thing as the 2000-2003 models... even if so.. theyre most likely exactly the same....

    ur better off upgrading
  5. The ZXR250 ceased production in 1996. All of the latter models are just old stock that were sitting around Jap factories undelivered. So while you're buying a 'new' bike it's actually been sitting around for nearly a decade. I'd be staying well clear.
    Just wait it out, hope for the best and as soon as you can upgrade.
  6. ok thanks for the info about ceasing in production dates. me thinks with this in mind i might keep the bike as there seems not to be much mechanical benefit of getting a model which says 2000 - 2003 or whatever.

    its so fcuking long to upgrade though, 12months AFTER Provisionals.

    any other bike suggestions???
  7. You want more banana's but are still restricted to 260cc?
    Your options are limited... but 2 strokes might give you what your looking for. Go test ride/pilot an Aprilia RS250 for the best of the best, or an RGV250 for a slightly more affordable but still very well equipped package.