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Featured Old style hard wired earphones/buds What's best?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by CrazyCam, May 3, 2015.

  1. Hi folks.

    I'd really appreciate some input about earphones/earbuds.

    I don't want to go with anything like bluetooth, where you need to keep yet another bit of technology charged up, but I am looking for really good, old-fashioned copper wire type things with the "normal" 3.5 mm plug.

    At home, I use Sennheiser HD465s, but they don't fit under a helmet, and, even when driving a car, they seem to draw the filth.

    Any suggestions?
  2. I use Sennheiser buds, can't remember the model but still prefer the brand over anything else. They do various models with 3.5mm jacks.
  3. CrazyCamCrazyCam - I went through the same dilemma as you when searching for some headphone for ride into work.

    Originally i purchased some of these;


    Big mistake on my part.. They dug into my ears and head when trying the helmet on.. Not good for riding as they do tend to stick outside of your year..

    Solution...! Go for some 'in ear' heaphones.

    I got these and haven't looked back;


    $50 for a pair and they sit in your ear and feel very comfortable when riding..

    Hope that helps somewhat

  4. I tried a variety of different earbuds etc but most of them did not stay put when putting on my helmet.

    Best I found was some custom earphones from Fuze (www.earfuze.com). Ordered on ebay. Can't remember what I paid but it comes with the two part silicone mix so you can mould your own earbuds for a custom fit. Due to the size of the earphone drivers they tend to be on the trebly side but I don't notice that while riding.

    I have been told that there are some Etymotic earphones that also fit rather well in a helmet due to their small form factor.
  5. Thanks, folks.

    I'll follow up some of the leads tomorrow.
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  6. Funny bastid ain't ya!
  7. I've tried a few, current favorite is the Shure SE215, they are a bit bulkier then some but fit my ears fine.
    - good sound
    - good isolation (blocking out the wind)
    - heavy duty cable (seriously the cable is similar to an iphone charge cable)
    - cable is replaceable (haven't had to do that yet)
    - wire bit wraps around your ear, so stays in place when putting helmet on.

    My setup https://netrider.net.au/threads/who-rides-with-ipod-music.160949/page-8#post-2772794

    Failing that, I've found those with the ribbon cables (like the blue ones a few posts up), tend to last longer. I've had issues with headphones with an inline mic causing an issue on the bike (get give more details if your keen), so I stay away from those.
  8. As it happens, I went to Dick Smiths and saw a pair of nice Sennheiser ones.

    They were price at about 50, but, when I went to buy they turned out to be about $30.

    Took them home, tried them and was very happy.

    Next day, went to another Dick Smith shop and bought another pair, also at $30, for the wife.
  9. which model?
  10. Street II or possibly CX200

    depends on which bit of the bow you look at.
  11. same same :)

    I love my cx300's, but haven't tried them in helmet yet..
  12. To be honest, I haven't tried the cx200's in my helmet, but I want them for 20+ hours in an airplane, and similarly for wife.

    Then, for poncing about in Greece in a rented car. :)
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  13. don't be shy playing with the different bung sizes.. not everyone has dainty earholes... and a good fit makes all the difference :)
  14. Aye, thanks, oldcorollas.

    Mine felt good right away,and my wife tried mine and reckonned they were good... so I got her a pair too.
  15. true love - sharing earwax :)
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  16. Motorcycling is a hearing hazard and ear plugs are a standard part of my ATTGATT. Before I went down the bluetooth path I investigated a number of earphones/earbuds including noise cancelling ones. However I was unable to get any data on exactly how much they reduce outside noise by as most earplugs including cheapies from Bunnings etc do. On that basis I simply wasn't willing to gamble with my hearing.

    Bottom line is that wind noise while motorcycling damages your hearing. Ear plugs will reduce/slow down that damage. Until someone can show me the data to prove buds protect as much as plugs, I wouldn't use them.

    And on a side issue, turning the music up to drown out the wind noise as I have heard some people advocate, is doing as much if not more damage than the wind noise.
  17. I've bought the earfuze I'll let you know what they're like
  18. Well the package arrived very promptly, and after mixing the goop and squishing it around the earbuds I have this..
    I'll let you know what they are like on the bike tomorrow..
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