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Old Spice commercial from the Superbowl.

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by rc36, Mar 17, 2010.

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    And, if you're interested, and you have 20 minutes to spare (I'm home recuperating so I did) here's the two guys who created the ad explaining how they did it.


    And here's the 15 second version that was played later in the game.


    I don't think these have been shown here, but I got a giggle this morning; I hope you do too.
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    Yeah, that was good.

    But not as good as the Barry Sheene/Dick Johnson Shell advertisements.


    Unfortunately, this is the 2nd of the ads and doesn't make sense unless you've seen the other, but it doesn't appear to be on YouTube.

    Barry and Dick pull up at a Shell servo and Dick fills up with fuel. He goes to pay, but, before he does, Barry asks him to get a drink for him from the Shell Shop. Dick turns to go, but Barry stops him and asks for a "chocklit bar". The gag runs on with Barry asking for more and more things and stopping Dick from going to the shop.

    Finally, exasperated, Dick says to Barry, "Anything else you need, Bazza, a sock, maybe?"

    Dick walks off and Barry looks puzzled, "A sock? What would I want a sock for?"

    Incidentally, the lady in the BRUT ad was Stephanie McLean, a well-known model at the time and later to become Mrs Barry Sheene.

    Oh, and just a trivia question. Who was the rider of the green Kawasaki in the ad? #25 so it wasn't Mick Grant.
  4. Oh! ....I love Barry Sheene!!... :grin: He was a legend!

    ..Gawd!!.. that Brut ad was awful!!... lol
  5. Old spice ad was hilarious. That is all.