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old skool vespa vbb wanted

Discussion in 'Scooters' at netrider.net.au started by twenty-eleven, Feb 8, 2008.

  1. hey all

    looking to buy my 1st scooter and looking at a vespa vbb.....still researching as to what to get and what not to!!!

    im in sydney so have looked at the gasolene royale ones - only one in atm...7k plus 500 for indicators (which i want) + on roads.....apparentlythese are faster and perform just as well as the brand new px200!!??

    then i see others on ebay for say 4500 and they look cool and say they areoriginal from italy..

    why the price difference? is the royale actually a better made bike? happy to pay extra for omething special

    so any advice welcome at all and if you have a shiny new(old) vespa for sale drop me a line!!

  2. For my money, and the same money as the Royale, it would be a new PX while you can still get one. Better engine, disc brakes (the pissant drums on the Royales are not my idea of fun if emergency braking from 90kph), classic look and two-year warranty. The Royales are made up in Vietnam (I think) and while authentic looking, don't seem to have much cachet in Vespa circles, who prefer genuine restorations of Aus-delivered originals.

    Gorgeous though the classic Vespas look, riding one after riding something like a GT200 makes them feel as lop-sided and unpredictable as they probably always were. To me, its a design that probably worked a treat at 125cc and less than 10bhp, but got weird when it grew to 180 and 200cc. Others might vehemently disagree, but I've ridden them all and regard the classic models as nice to look at and nice to have for the odd quiet cruise somewhere. But for day to day use, a modern 4-stroke Vespa does better.
  3. +1

    For everyday use latest 4 strokes - love GT250ie or GT200

    For something special the last batch of PX200 for about $6,600 drive away check these links


    Suggest to ride them first and buy new - lots of scams with 2nds Vespas

    I'm not too keen on the VBB Royale... parts sought from everywhere.

    Good luck
  4. cheers - thinking i will go the px200 now - why are they stopping makingthemf they are such a good bije!??
  5. They don't pass emissions standards in Europe any more, and the market has moved on from gearbox scooters and two-strokes in general. Not to mention the dodgy handling...

    The PX200 is quaint and quirky. The GT200, on the other hand, is a great ride.
  6. ok so i think im going to go for an old one again......just love the look!!

    so was after some advice of what to look for and what questions to ask when looking????

    any reliable places to buy???

    so far know about scooterpro
    the itailian guy (tony!?) out west in his garage!!

    again, any advice much appreciated


  7. anyone bought from here??
    scooteritalia add the c o m to end to view site!

    look great!
  8. seems dodgy to me. They claim how fantastic their scoots are and that they're all genuine Italian ones and not Asian ones, but then all the photos of their scoots in stock are in Asia. Obviously that doesnt necessarily mean they arent Italian but it would certainly make me think twice.
  9. Anything with a fresh coat of paint looks good.
    Someone who posts on Aussie Scooters bought one, you should read her story.
    Also read his disclaimer on his website:

    Yeah, top conditions of purchase! Lemme get this straight - you buy what we send you, as is, no guarantee it works, or wont break in half while riding it. He accepts no liabilty for the quality of work. No warranty, no refunds.

    You're on a winner there!
  10. Also google "the black VBB" - and have a look at the Vespa Wizard's site.

    Questions to ask the seller - is this a genuine Vespa and not a rebadged Indian scooter? (Nothing really wrong with Indian built scooters - but it does affect the price you should be paying. Also Indian "VBB"s have 3 gears not 4)- check the frame numbers.
    Is this an import from Indonesia/Vietnam?
    Who was the mechanic who restored it?
    Check the usual stuff, wheel or steering head wobble? Brakes evenly?
    Electrics work properly?
    Any panel repairs/welds?
  11. It also seems unlikely that a company trading the sort of volume claimed by Scooter Italia, is unlikely to be Australian. Another thing which immediately makes it suspect is "all prices are quoted in US dollars" - although possible, that is unlikely for an Australian business.
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  13. cool thanks everyone - am really in 2 minds now with the old skool (VB8) or the new old skool(px200)

    think this guy has a good rep?? as far as im aware he works on old vespas day to day so should know his stuff....

    teetering towards the VBB but want to make sure i dont buy a lemon!!
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  15. I saw approx 10 Vespas with top boxes yesterday riding through St Ives NSW at 2pm. It must be part of a regular ride? They were all kitted out the same
  16. Vietbodge

    This is an excellent resource to help you understand issues with scooters restored in Vietnam, plus some assistance in identifying them.


    Also - go to the Pallisades on a Tuesday night and meet the Sydney City Scooter Club crowd. They are friendly and welcoming and may be able to point you towards some scooters with known heritage.
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  18. The first one looks good. If it has been to SS Scooter Engineering in Newtown, give him a call. Sandy Symeonidis is one of THE top classic scooter mechanics in the country. You will get the true story from him.

    The second one is more of a gamble, it might be a fantastic restoration or it might have been welded together from parts of three scooters and the worn parts fixed with coke can shims. :-/

    Good luck!
  19. is there any way to tell if the bike has been welded out of 5 other bikes, appart from stripping all the paint off??

    im sure many of the asian imports are very dodgy and i have seen some very dodgy images but surely not all are deathtraps...!! or are they!!

    still not found my dream bike..... :(
  20. Running a magnet over it will help show up any bondo, which will be an indicator of substandard body.

    And no, ya can't do that on eBay.