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Old Skool Noob

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Rockdog, May 16, 2012.

  1. Hey all,

    Martin here - or Rockdog, depending on where you know me from.

    Just thought I'd better post here and introduce myself before I start talking crap on the forums.

    I'm an old fart - 35 - and am only just getting into road bikes. Been into cars forever (Holdens and Valiants mostly, but anything 70's and older with grunt), but have an itch to scratch with bikes.

    Have been trail riding with mates for years but I finally bit the bullet and got my learners this week so I could get a new toy to play with.

    Picking up my new Black CB400 with ABS in the next few days and am looking forward to getting out on the roads around Newcastle and making the most of it - and hopefully keeping the sticky side down.

    Got lots of good tips from reading through these forums while trying to work out what bike I wanted.

    Best thing I can offer to those asking questions about their first bike - all the specs and banter in the world won't mean a thing once you get on the right bike. Sure, have a good read of what people have to say, but take your best choices for a ride and you'll know pretty quick which one you'll own.

    Still not sure I made the right choice (I'm a big lad - 6'2" and 115kg geared up), but I do know after riding the CB400 that I'd have regretted buying anything else. Man that four is a sweet engine! Can wait til it's run in....

    See you on the streets...
  2. Hello! That's a nice bike :)
  3. Cheers Creampuff! Hopefully a pic appears as my profile pic soon.... Lovin' it!
  4. discovered a few great roads out your way on monday - i'm jealous of you coast-side bastards....that aside..Welcome mate, congrats on the cb400 by most people's account's they are great bike's :]
  5. Old fart at 35??? Pffft ;)

    Happy to see you took a shining to motorikes instead of cough, cough..holdens :p

    PS Welcome to netrider
  6. Hey Rockdog, good to see another Newcastle rider on board. I've just met some guys for a short ride here last Sunday so as soon as you run her in a bit, be glad to meet up for a ride soon. I don't mind hangin' around 80kph to ride with new riders.


  7. Welcome Martin. Good luck with the riding.

  8. 35? old?????

    Welcome to Netrider ;)
  9. 35 old???? Fark I'd like to step back to that, boy life would be different :)
    nuff bout me

    welcome to NR :)