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Old Skool 84 Kwaka GT750

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by matthewjw, Nov 14, 2009.

  1. Attached are a couple of pictures of my new purchase - a kawasaki green '84 GT750.

    I am absolutely rapt with the bike - wasn't quite sure about the styling but its so original and clean and there aren't many around. (Some may say with good reason but it performs admirably for my purpose and for the price I paid I was over the moon.)

    Its a 25 year old bike but people ask me if its new! With the retro styling, cant really see it on the dealer floor.

    I was about to purchase an 03 Suzuki SV650S but glad I went with this - heaps more character.

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  2. I had its baby brother, a red GT-500. The 750 looks good in green, as most kawas do....
  3. Must be a re-spray (hardly surprising for a 25 year old bike) as AFAIR they only ever came in maroon or silver. Advantage of this one over its little brother is that it has shaft drive.

    IIRC, it also had air suspension at the back which was pretty troublesome. A lot of owners ditched the linked air shocks and put on a set of Mulhollands instead.
  4. Nope, little bro (Z550GT in Kawaspeak) had shaft drive too and was the darling of the courier fraternity in the UK. The 750 was much less popular/common, I suspect because of the huge jump in insurance costs for anything over a 600 that used to be the case over there, which meant that, if you were upsizing, you might as well find the little bit extra again for a litrebike.

    Excellent bikes, even though I'm a Suzuki man at heart.
  5. Yes obviously a respray in Kwaka green - however it is noted at the RTA as a "Green Kawasaki KZ750H" - wasn't aware of the original colour schemes but I have seen both the maroon and the silver versions. Apparently these were popular "dispatch" or courier bikes but the weight and handling were better in other bikes so they dropped away in popularity. I have the air shocks at the back - not sure if I'll keep them but its a like riding a comfy lounge chair at the moment so I'm happy to see how they hold up.
  6. If it's listed as a KZ then it may be an import. I believe that this was the designation used when they were sold overseas, rather than being called GT750. Of course, I could be wrong, that was a long time ago.
  7. Yeah I did try and investigate this at time of purchase - and it doesn't worry me either way - but the consensus seemed to be that the KZ was a Kawasaki model prefix and it was commonly known as the GT750 due to its badging - I too could be wrong but I haven't been able to get definitive answer either way.

  8. Of course, it shouldn't worry you either way. Kawasakis of that vintage had unbreakable engines and that's what really matters.
  9. I had a blue KZ550GT (Grandad's Tourer). Loved it. Fantastic tourer - like a rock on the highway in any wind (did a two up gale-force wind weekend to Phillip Island at night), headlight like a helicopter spotlight, fat comfortable seat for both passengers. They're actually quite common, you'll see plenty on eBay (I'm about to put my old one on as a parts bike, but it's in Melbourne). The 550 was rated a better bike - a more balanced package, but both were well-rated.

    A common fault is cracks on the frame below the steering head - check for that. Mine ate itself trying to keep up with a speeding mate on his Triumph Sprint. Take it easy on the girl. Once things start going wrong they become too expensive (versus their value). If you find a good spare tank, buy it - these will rust like lemming to a cliff!

    I wasn't a fan of the look but it really grew on me in the end - big, fat, chunky and industrial. Good honest bike! If I can find the photocopied reviews I had I'll let you know and post them. I'll PM you the email also of a guy who's a fanatic for these, up in QLD. We met up when he rode to Melbourne on one of his. He's good for info.
  10. Nice looking bike mate, have fun!