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Old school Gaming - Nintendo

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by grange, Sep 27, 2012.

  1. For those that remember the old nintendo handheld screen games of donkey kong, parachute, fire, e.t.c.

    Scroll along the bottom of screen for your favourite....

  2. That is awesome. Thanks :)

    I can remember playing a few of those games when they were new, and can remember some of the others as being ones I wanted to play - but never got a chance to. Going to be wasting a lot of time on that site I think :LOL:.
  3. I still have the original Fire, Fire Attack, Mario Bros, Donkey Kong 1, and Donkey Kong 2.

    Put batteries in from time to time, just for fun....

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  4. That is awesome!

    I just played DK1...however it is just not the same compared to hand held :(
  5. I had one of the DK ones, used to play it constantly. This was like '93 or something so we must've got it at a garage sale or something. Lost it though :( Retro gaming for me is gameboy and NES/SNES
  6. I still suck as much at parachute now as I did in 1983
  7. Yeah I used to have parachute :)

    Good find thanks :)
  8. Some guys I know think a 64 is old school gaming. For me, it's the old sega master system. No saving, you want to finish a game, you sit there and play it.

    Can't link videos from the phone, but look for "left rights genesis"
  9. I was looking for something the other day, and amongst some of the crap under my pinball machine, I found my old Atari 2600, with about a dozen games, which still works....
  10. Still got my Oil Panic double screen job!
  11. Still have my original game boy. Problem is, the only game i have for it now is Kirbys Dream Land 2 - really a kids game so i never played it, hence it lived all this time :p.

    I always wanted an atari though for the colour screen.
  12. I recently bought a shit tonne of gameboy games after purchasing a gameboy advance for the first time, went a little bit apeshit on the nostalgia and spent probably $500 just on cartridges