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Old school bikes

Discussion in 'Older / Classic Bikes' started by jphanna, Apr 15, 2014.

  1. guys, you maybe halfway through a ride, on your latest sportbike, cruiser or tourer. you stop at a known mbike pub/bakery/cafe in the hills etc. you are with your mates or with strangers admiring each other bikes etc, then a bike rides past and everybody stares to look at what it is. it sounds diffrent and sure enough.....it is.

    when it has happend to me, it invariably is a classic mbike from 1950's to 1970's. i know there are heaps of 70's dukes out there, that are classed as classic, but if i was to have ONE classic mbike, it would have to be a Benelli SEI. if $$$, time and space wasnt a problem for me, i can just see myself riding this beautiful classic through the hills. if you had to have one classic in your garage.......


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  2. Wow, that is one amazing looking machine
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  3. Having been at the Motorcycle Museum at Nabiac yesterday, I couldn't possibly answer the question with just one bike.
    So, I would like a 1974 RD-250 Yamaha, a 1978 XS-650 D Yamaha, and a 1980 Z500 Kawasaki.
    Bet you can't guess why...

  4. people that know you well would know.....the rest of us, no idea. tell us!!
  5. You either lusted after them in their day but didn't own them OR did own them and sold them and regretted it ?
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  6. My first three bikes from when I started riding in 1974..
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  7. My second bike, although not in as good a nick as this one, oh ok I'll have the Bantam back as well then.

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  8. For me it would be a Z1 900. There are plenty of immaculate examples around.
  9. Yamaha XS1.1S. The baddest, blackest, most lethal hotrod of its day with a surfeit of all the qualities that made the late 70s/early 80s wobblemonsters both exciting and terrifying.

    So what if it didn't go round corners. It was still bad, black and, for its time, staggeringly potent :D.
  10. late seventies to early eighties air cooled two stroke, the noise, buzz, smell, power delivery, stutter on part throttle. Maybe suzuki GT380. I started on a 1979 suzuki X7.
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  11. Laverda RGS 1000 Corsa or SFC 1000 .
  12. And it's sitting on its own turntable in the photo!
  13. 1975 Laverda 3c and a 1984 600 Pantah,both ridden regularly and as they were built for,hard.
  14. I've been lucky enough to get the bike I've always wanted: image.

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  15. Motorola Guzzi 1000 le mans IV for me. The only reason I don't have one now is because they don't age well.
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  16. What would you know? You disliked my lovely old BSA pic.:(
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  17. I'm afraid it was a case of fat finger syndrome, I just now saw the dislike and shall return the thb to its correct orientation of being for the affirmative.:happy:
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  18. Don't think I age well either!! :)
  19. A 70's Kwaka 900... now if I could get one today...
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    Always liked the look of the HD Fatboy, but they are expensive and scrape thinking about corners......I will buy one of these modern classics though.

    Yamaha MT01. DSC_0006.