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old road woes (doh!)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by idontlikemondays, Jul 23, 2008.

  1. so yesterday, the sun was shining, it was the missus's last day off work, and i was itching for a ride having been away for the weekend in the cage.

    so the two of us thought, awesome lets go for a quick blat up the old road. so we geared up, filled the tank on the ole storm and headed north around 1130h.

    the day just got better, the sun was still shining, the temperature was brisk, but not so cold to be uncomfortable, NO traffic at all. and to cap it off, it was the first time ive been up there to see the resurfacing around brooklyn. mmmmm sweeeeeet.

    heading up towards mt white, 3 corners into the main twisties i got into the rythym, not another bike in sight, and by this stage i was confident i wouldnt encounter the fuzz. so the fun handel started to cop a bit of a bashing, but nothing remotely outragous with the missus on the back, just a nice easy fun pace.

    went past road warriors, only 6 bikes and riders. shit i thought, i havent seen it this quite in months, even on a weekday, you tend to get a few more people around now, especially considering the contrast between BW hwy ptl activity on weekends and weekdays.

    we made our way up to the entrance of the closed off bit, and given how quite it was, i turned down there without even a second thought. the closed off bit itself was everybit as magic. there was relatively little leaf litter, and the surface was dry, unusual in the colder months.

    this continued, making our way all the way up to the top of the mountain, entered the big right hand sweeper at a speed fast enough to carry a decent amount of lean (its $0.70 limit) tipped her through the switch back into the last left hand sweeper, and started getting on the gas for the exit into the big straight across the bridge.

    then shock horror.

    just coming around the exit, and starting to power into the striaght, i spot 3 vehciles, and 3 blokes standing in the middle of the road. i quickly appraise that 2 of the vehicles are highway patrol cars, the third is an unmarked 380.

    you can imagine the voluntary and involuntary muscle reactions at this point. the rate of my sphincter doing 50cents 5 cents was parrallel to the front brake leaver being applied. i came to stop around 300 metres away from the vehicles. the gestures from one of the officers for me to go to them was becoming more frantic.

    with the missus on the back, the thought of doing a barney didnt even occur to me. i gingerly rode up to the where the vehicles, the senior constanble, sergant, and chief inspector were.

    the the snr constanble gave the expected verbal blast, and i gave the expected im just an idiot that didnt know the road fell away in two places 1 klick up the road killing a family of 5 14 months ago...

    after this though, the senoir constable in question was very polite and explained that they were conducting a training exercise up there. i think the fact it was me and the missus on the storm, and not someone in the one peice alpinestar with worn knee slidders on the latest crotch rocket did a lot for my licence's cause.

    i was told ill get a ticket in the mail for disobeying road signage, and that yes the police do patrol the closed off section.

    i must have been up the closed off bit a hundred times, when i lived in hornsby last year, i would go up there at least twice a week. i have never ever seen the fuzz up there, and only ever heard one story about someone getting caught, and they werent issued a TIN for it.

    so i guess it was bound to happen and i had a good ole chuckle at the coarse of events as i rode away.

    the morale of the story?

    paranoia is your friend on the road, and yesterday i left if behind, when i was absolutely sure i would have a trouble free run yesterday.

    :LOL: :LOL:

    just thought i'd share....
  2. The road's repaired? I thought it was still closed because the lazy bastards at RTA and in the local council were arguing over who was going to pay for the work.

    Faark. Wish I'd known it was fixed. I've often thought about ignoring that 'road closed' sign only to have visions of me falling down a five meter hole in the road. Might have to give it a go next time I'm up there :grin:
  3. It's not fixed you can just ride up to the hole...

  4. words of wisdom!

    paranioa? or just a higher state of awareness?
  5. thanks for sharing, idontlikemondays. I'll be a bit more careful when I head up there next. I can't go the warp speeds that the bigger bikes do around those roads but the speed limit's the speed limit and I still push Peaches past that around the Old Rd.

    But maaaan, 6 bikes, clear day, no cars sounds like pure heaven. I envy you!
  6. thanks for sharing, idontlikemondays. I'll be a bit more careful when I head up there next. I can't go the warp speeds that the bigger bikes do around those roads but the speed limit's the speed limit and I still push Peaches past that around the Old Rd.

    But maaaan, 6 bikes, clear day, no cars sounds like pure heaven. I envy you!
  7. Pity about that, :( but as you mentioned it would have been a lot worse if you'd been solo on a pocket roacket.

    To this day I cannot believe that I was never booked on the old road. It was my second home when I had my GSXR750 and VTR.
    Awrsome road and learnt alot about bikes there. As you said those last couple of sweepers before the short bridge and straight are fantastic. :twisted:
    Massive grin corners. :grin:
    I always used to give it a slow run first to suss the cops before caining it.
    Also doesnt help when there are not alot of other bikers to give you a heads up should the fuzz be hiding around the next bend.

    Stay upright,

  8. While I feel ya pain, the road was closed, same thing happened to a bloke who drove around the road closed signs up in the Yarramalong valley when it was in flood earlier this year, after his drowned vehicle was removed from the flood waters he was given a ticket for useing the road while it was closed.
    We all live & learn.
  9. I ventured into the blocked off section on saturday afternoon, only saw 3 other riders on that section, other than that it was dead quiet.. even had a break at the road closure to have a smoke!
    Guess you did have bad luck!
  10. Just out of interest how far along after the barriers can you go before you reach "the hole"? :p
  11. I suspect that you maye have stumbled on an 'exercise' which they might have wanted to keep a secret, hence them not ranting and raving at you. But seriously, the road is closed, everyone knows that, and whether you've ridden it a dozen times before or not, that fact doesn't change.

    At your leisure you may care to browse the NSW 2008 Road Rules, with particular reference to Road SIgns :LOL:

  12. Dom mate that blows, could have been alot worse. I heard about it being patrolled a while ago and avoid it for that reason. Catch up ride soon mate :)
  13. i really dont give a flying rats arse i was caught. i do find it ironic and typical of my mate murphy that i was pinged the one time i wasnt being a fcuken idiot on that particular piece of road. thank christ

    i read on this forum many (ok about 2) years ago that TINs should be considered as fun tax, and thats exactly how i saw this.

    interesting observation hornet, yeah i didnt see any of the "exercise" in practise. would have been interesting to see what they were doing.

    UDLOSE: about 5 metres :p :LOL:

    for sure jared! i got every weekend off this month so when i replace the stem bearings on the storm mate, a blast on the tarmac is foo shizz! ps heard about your track day mate, so you better have reduced chicken strips next time i see ya!!! :LOL:
  14. Your pretty brave for trying closed road in the first place.

    Every time i see closed road sign i envisage gaping holes in the road, giant cracks, fallen trees or the remains of abandoned cars.

    Never thought it would be all good otherwise i might have given it a run....till your story.
  15. Mate, they are as epic and unnaturally large as always, thats the way she likes it :LOL: Perhaps this saturday if you're up for a small one, need to conserve my chee for OP on sunday :)