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Old Road v Putty Road

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by moad, May 15, 2007.

  1. Hi Guys n Gals,

    This has prob been done to death but i thought id do a quick write up for the learners out there comparing these two roads.

    I did putty rd two weeks ago and it was the first longer ride ive been on and i have to say im addicted after riding it. Smooth freshly paved roads, about 15km of tight corners (35km to 65 km posted), we saw one police car do a lap while we were up there. There wasnt many cars and even if there was there was plenty of opportunity to overtake. Highly recommended for any rider.

    I didn't like the old road as much as there were more cars and bikes, lots of bicycles in big groups taking over the road, bumpy road in sections. I didn't see a police car all day which was good. Old road is alot faster with corners averaging probably 65km and only one or two 35km corners.

    I have only ridden these roads once and enjoyed them both, however i will definitely be going to putty more often than the old road.

    Thanks for reading!

  2. I did the putty yesterday, macquarie pass the day before, national park today and most other times do the old road........had a few days off work :)

    Putty's great. Very nice smooth roads. The 16km of twisties is awesome! No cars, beaut smooth roads, great scenery. Unfortunately from sydney there's quite a long bit of straight roads with some twisties before you get to the really nice part. If you have time its worth it!

    Macquarie pass from sydney is the same, lotsa straights before the twisties. Dunno if cause it was mothers day but there were more cars in the twisties unfortunately. Fantastic scenery, very lush. Nice smooth roads but in the morning you can see moss, some moisture on roads. Was my first time and will definitely do it again.

    National park is nice and close for me. Roads are narrower and bumpier though. Good for a short blat.

    Old road is good also. Roads are ok-good. Nice 45-55km/h advisory corners.

    I'd rate National park < old road < putty = macquarie pass.
  3. heh heh, I lived at Denman when I bought my first bike, and the famous Ten Mile was only 35 kms away. Guess where I did a LOT of riding?? (And that was when the surface wasn't as good as it is now).

    I now live at the base of the Macquarie Pass, and ride it a lot too (and fall off on it, just to show I'm not biased!! :LOL:).

    I think the restrictive and over-policed nature of the old road would frustrate me, and I've never really liked the National Park, maybe because it's very rough and bumpy and the Hornet's 16" front wheel is a bit sensitive to such stuff.

    But all four roads can teach you a lot, and even though the Putty is a fair distance away from the centre of Sydney, It's probably got the best mix of all sorts of surfaces/conditions/corners. You need to ride it sensibly, though; if you come unglued right in the midde of it, help is a long way away!
  4. The Old Road is so spammed by the cops now with the 60km speed limit that it makes it almost unrideable in my opinion. Haven't ridden it in over 12 months, but it used to be fun.

    Putty Rd is great, best rd for a day ride out of Sydney. Not heavily patrolled, mix of big sweepers, tight twisties, good bitumen. Colo heights at the start is also a hoot. Cannot believe that is a 100zone.

    Mac Pass is fun, but there is too much traffic on the weekends. If you don't mind overtaking alot, you will enjoy it.

    National Park. Worst road in NSW, bumpy poor quality bitumen, poorly sign posted, heaps of push bikes riders and tourist traffic. The guys that usually rate this as good haven't ridden in too many other places.
  5. +1 Mustard.
    Old road used to be good, until Brisbane Water HWP got an unlimited budget to enforce rules on bike riders.

    Putty is without doubt a great road, and certainly my favourite day ride from Sydney.

    Hey Mustard, when are we going??????:)
  6. Old road is good, just not on weekends or when f3 has traffic.

    Putty is awesome and much much faster (wheres that youtube r1 video?).
  7. I would find it very hard to choose, so on my birthday last month a group of 10 bikes went up the old road then looped back around and down the putty. That was the most fun ive had on the bike.
  8. I love 10 mile on the putty, and I reckon it'd be the best road within 250km of sydney. The road up there isn't too bad, its not stright, but its mainly high speed corners, but its not like your sitting on a freeway. Reallity is is that part would be no more then an hour and a half from windsor, and really the only boring part is having to do windsor road on the way home :roll:

    I like my round trips so i'm not doing the same road twice, so what I normally do is head up the Old Pacific, then up mangrove mountain and up to Wollombi. Coming into Wollombi theres about 7 shorter twisty sections (3-5km each). Road quolity isn't the best but its not bad and it is quite a pretty trip. From there I normally ut across to broke and then to Putty road and take that back to Windsor. I find thats really good cos when your doing the old road your still taking it fairly easy cos its the start of a longish day. Because are so many cops on the old road i find that a good place to start slower and gradually build up through the day. By 10 mile on putty I'm generally at my best and I always really enjoy it. One of my best memories riding was doing 10 mile be chased by green ninja on his zx2r. Love that road to bits, but you do have to be careful, it still does see a lot of cops there, and I have seen on occassions gravel across the road. One of my mates actually wrote his zx10r off in that section a few months ago :shock:
  9. Anybody done Putty Road and Reefton/Black Spurs? How do they compare for twisty compatibility? Don't care about interstate rivalry, but I know this place.......
  10. I've done all three, the Putty uncountable times, the Black Spur twice in a bike and heaps of time in a car, Reefton once on the bike.
    If keeping somewhere within the Law, and containing risks, are a factor, then the Putty is the winner. There are some nice long stretches where you can get up some serious speed (while keeping an eye out for all sorts of livestock, native and introduced), the run down into and back up out of Colo, and then the famous Ten Mile at the northern end.
    Unlike the two Victorian roads, there are heaps of overtaking spots, and there's immeasurably less traffic, but you do have to ride a longer way from civilisation to get there. The advantage for us is that we can do a loop, by getting to the top of the a Putty and returning to Sydney via a different route, down through Wollombi and Kulnurra and some more good riding sections.
  11. Of course... You pick up reefton and black spur with a loop from Melbourne.....