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Old Road ride this Friday night - 7th Oct

Discussion in 'NSW' started by AznCruiser, Oct 5, 2011.

  1. Depending on the weather and the numbers, anyone want to do Old Pac this Friday night?...................

    Meet up at Berowra Mobil at 7pm...................and leave shortly after so around 7:15 ride time..............
  2. Love to, but I'm driving Havana Brown around in the limo
  3. This Havana Brown?................lucky dog, howd you score that gig?
  4. mate runs clubs in the city and i run a limo business, perfect match
  5. you lucky sod goz lol
  6. You need a bouncer Goz? :D
  7. You need a 'Mile High, Limo of the Skies' driver ? ;)
  8. Goz take plenty of photographic evidence................OR IT DIDNT HAPPEN :p
  9. Sorry mate can't do this Friday, maybe next time
  10. No worries mate..........hopefully Popeye can keep me company in this and not ride too fast lol :).
  11. I'll do it if the weather holds out!
  12. Well, I think the man upstairs doesn’t want me to ride the bike. Every time I plan to ride the bike it rains.

    This is turning out the same way. It’s forecasted to rain today, hold off a bit in the afternoon and bucket down later tonight and tomorrow. Old Pac is a bit scary when wet and with the amount of rain we’ve been having its most likely going to have several streams running across it, some carrying mud.

    In the interest of safety and because im a chicken lol :p, I think its best to cancel the ride.
  13. I've been watching the weather with reference to this ride too, and I must agree; there are better ways of getting your heart rate up than sliding round corners on the Old Road :LOL:
  14. I was finishing up a job in Parramatta, and I was trying to get away early to make this, but sadly got stuck on that one till after 8. Hope you guys had fun if you did ride out.
  15. ^ this!
  16. she was a bit stuck up, thinks shes something special
  17. Yeah, I love those hotties with low self esteem myself ;)
  18. Picked her up at Syd airport, waited an hour cause her flight was delayed, she gets out at baggage area wearing sunnies, uhm, it was dark outside, your not a full blown star yet love and no 1 recognised you anyway
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  19. Damn it...wish I was there. These types are sooooo easy to fluster ;)
    A woman wearing shades at the baggage carousel is like a bloke wearing a glow-in-the-dark condom at a nightclub - they stand out..but for the wrong reasons.