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Old road ride fri arvo learner friendly

Discussion in 'NSW' started by ONE, Apr 13, 2011.

  1. Hey Guys stokedpaz requested someone to ride more corners with so i figured it was a good oportunity to see if any other learners wanted to get some more experience.
    So the plan is meet at berowra mobil at 5pm for a nice esay ride.
    The reason i picked fri arvo because there is no traffic so you wont have to worry about heros blastin past you at warp speed.

    So far there is me, stokedpaz and i think azn cruiser.
  2. Corners and pizza!!!
  3. I'd be there if I could. Haven't ridden the old road for so long...
  4. ill be a great night, pizza is great too....so save plenty of room in the tum tum lol :p
  5. Yeah, I know, and it's only a thousand km away and I could do that in my sleep and all, but there's about 200 in fuel, 450 in tyres that'll be just about well done by the time I get home, and then the 12k service'd just be due, and I think that's 400 sort of proposition...

    Sophia Loren used to fly pizza in from italy to get it the way she wanted, so a grand would not really be the most expensive pizza in the history of the world, but ...
  6. Damn I didnt notice where you were from. Dont worry, i call dibs on your share :p.
  7. thinking i'll tag along :)
  8. Do it!
  9. Watch the roos at that time of day...
  10. i will. but i ride like a granny, so i've love to be TEC :)
  11. What's the plan? Is it 5:00pm at Mobil for 5:30pm start or leaving at 5:00pm sharp? What time does RW close? Pizza first or laps first?

    Reason for all the questions is because if I do come along I will most certainly be late, so will need to catch you guys (and gal) at RW.

  12. Roos? Oh crap, this could turn into even more of a learning experience than I had thought.

    Sounds good LC, see you there!
  13. Forget the Roos, watch out for the crocodiles that hang out on the warm road (goannas)
  14. Already hit one of those and nearly come off up there...
  15. Good stuff Lc see ya there.

    Luigi what time will you be leaving work we could wait around or meet you at rw.

    Lol goz cant say ive seen a croc yet on the road though i do remeber when you almost hit one.

    yak I have almost taken out a walaby on the olds at night scared the crap out of me.
  16. Damn I wanted to come to this. I already committed to eating a giant chicken snitzel with my work mates on friday lol.

    I love the night old pac runs
  17. mmm giant chicken schnitty!
  18. Anyone wearing croc leathers tomorrow, if not then we should be safe from croc attacks.

    Hey I call dibs on the slowest rider :).

    Hopefully I can make it, mates just told me on a ride tonight that my brake/tail light isnt working. Hopefully its nothing serious and just the bulb.
  19. ewwwwwwwwww
  20. haha that just reminded me of the start of Billy Maddison where he gets the Granny porno mags.