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old road ride and pizza at roadies this friday night

Discussion in 'NSW' at netrider.net.au started by ONE, Mar 28, 2011.

  1. Right so its been a while since ive been on a good road ride so im gona hit up the old road friday arvo/ night.
    Then im hitting up roadies for pizza for dinner after a few laps.
    I will be at mobil berowra around 5 if any one else want to come.

  2. can i borrow your R6? :D
  3. lol yes if you wana put your road gear on it and rego plate go for it lol i dont mind bahahahah.
    you can come on the back of the rs125 lol
  4. Im officially unemployed this Friday, maybe I could swing this one.
  5. hope u find a new job soon man, that would suck
  6. I'll bring the car up with the trailer then LOL
  7. a can of petrol will do, failing that Trent can push it home again :p

    Yeah it sucks....

    Contractor + government job + election = unemployed.

    Oh well, more riding time I guess.
  8. thats what scares me, i work for local Gov
  9. That'd give us what 2 hours of light? Plenty of time. I don't have a job for friday night yet, so I'll be in if I don't turn up some work.
  10. I'd be there if it was a bit later. Earliest I can be there is 6 :(

    Goz, if you're that keen to ride another blue bike my GS may be available. I'm thinking of riding Nav's ninja for this weekend :angel:
  11. Very true especially with the $4.5 billion hole in the budget, there has got to be some cost cutting here and there. Im trying to get into local council ATM, ive never had a council contract before and want to give it a try. Failing that ill go back to the private sector where they usually have free booze, munchies, and other nifty incentives every Friday :).

    Trent which way are you coming from, from Windsor area? If so ill tag along with ya to Berowra.

    Hows the pace going to be? im still not confident on the RS and might slow you guys down.
  12. You ride your own ride Mal, if it's too fast don't psh and just let others do their own pace too.
  13. 2nd offer I got this week, thanks boys :)
  14. Trent,

    You have a R6???
    Are roadies staying open late for riders?
    Didnt know they did piza's..
    So what time they open till?
    I have noticed that its been getting dark easy by 6.30pm so what you thinking 2 laps or so?

    Cheers Paul.
  15. ok roadies does pizza friday and saturday night i will ring tomorow just to confirm they still do this.

    yes paul 1 or 6 laps for me lol.

    sam we can meet you on the old road or roadies around 6 or later if you want.

    cosimo_zaretti as sam said ride your own ride i will pull up a bit up the road and wait you.

    mal i will be going for eastkurajong so i could meet you around windsor mcgraths hill etc around 4
    ride your own ride just take it easy i dont mind waiting for people.

    paul you coming yes i bought a 2007 r6 track bike been meaning to put up a thread about it but dont got no good pics yet.

    lol there ya go goz get on the gs lol
  16. will see you guys up there might be a bit late tho have to sneak out of work early to beat the traffic, will aim to get there at 6ish.

    looking forward to seeing everyone again, missing the sat rides with the crappy weather of late :D

    Go Goz do the GS!!
  17. Fukc it, three's a charm.

    I can't ride the ZZR for a few weeks. Unless Kelen get their arse into gear I'd say it'll still be sitting in the garage here. It's on the way to Windsor too.
    Just don't scratch it (the left side I mean).

    I was gonna offer it but thought it might be a bit much for you. lol
  18. I will never touch another mans bike, ye it can be fixed if dropped but the memory is stuck forever
  19. Wise words Goz.
  20. It doesnt have STD and certainly aint underage.....hang on are we still talking about bikes Goz lol?