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Old Road Photos

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by davey, Jul 4, 2006.

  1. Did the Old Pacific Highway last Sunday - through to Widemans and then home via Dural. What a blast. There was hardly anyone out and the weather was fine if a little cold. Gravel on the road to Wisemans was interesting!

    I got my photo taken and I'd love to know the website of the photographer who took it - anyone?

  2. coulda been deenopix or detourphotos dont know their websites just google em.
  3. not on detour - seems he's been inactive there for a while?
    deenopix? anyone know how to take a look?
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  5. Hmm, the old road photographers were banned by the council. So will probably be a new player who doesn't know the council ain't happy about them.
  6. Sometimes jgm (netrider name) takes photos up there, he rides a shiny K5 fjr1300. Pretty good photos too, got some of me and sabbath earlier this year, they're here somehere...
    So coulda been him, he was happy to pass along the full res images for us to take a geez at.
  7. Banned by council? For taking photos?
    Under what pretext did they get banned?
    What sort of world do we live in when you can't take a photo in a public space?
  8. Do they actually have council rangers patrolling the old road telling them to go ???

    Because having a look at some of this pics, I feel like taking random bike pics this weekend !

    I also hope that STUNTER at Road Warriors is there again !! - doing his wheelies and stoppies !! :dance:
  9. Don't think it was jgm, no shiny FJR that I recall. This guy was on an older looking maybe 80's naked looking small bike, maybe.
  10. There was a photographer just up from Road Warriors on the weekend we did the Wollombi ride; looked to have fairly decent equipment, too, although that doesn't always mean a good photo.
  11. Deenopix and Detour were the old regulars up there.

    They got asked by the council to stop taking pictures.

    The offical reason they got asked to stop, was privacy concerns.

    The unoffical reason was it's seen as encouraging dangerous manuvers up there.

    No-ones 100% sure why they got asked to stop, but they did get asked to be stopped by the council.
  12. Kaer - as a monster rider you may want to check out the downunder section of www.ducatimonster.org (if you haven't already)
  13. They are back out there again. Deenopix had a photo of me from last Sunday.
  14. This from one of his samples,

    Taken by DeenoPix - Go to JR Camera House, select 'Deenopix' in the dropdown and enter '25/04/04' as the PIN.

    It appears that you must register with JR Camera House to see his photos, and, presumabely, if you know or think you've been snapped, your photos....
  15. You don't need to register to see if there is a photo of you. Just select Deenopix and then enter the date you think he might have snapped you in that format above. That will take you to the albums from that date. If you want to buy one, then you might have to register.