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Old Road Photography

Discussion in 'Multimedia' at netrider.net.au started by conspiracytheorist, May 11, 2008.

  1. So I decided to have a crack at some bike photography this weekend. Borrowed a Nikon D80 and went to the old pacific highway today to practice. I'm still learning so these aren't all that hot, give me a few more attempts I'll get there :) Thanks to OldBellHelmet for stopping to say hi and showing me a few things with the camera. If any of those are you PM for higher res versions.

    The photos are on photobucket:
    http://s162.photobucket.com/albums/t273/quinzx/Old Road 11-05-08/

    But here are some samplers:



  2. Nice shots, were you using a tripod or shooting handheld?
  3. Handheld mate, and haven't quite figured out how to pan with the right timing. Will be upping shutter speed next time, more light will help with that methinks.
  4. True, did you try changing the aperture as well, might help get more light in?
  5. Not yet :) Will be playing with it alot more in the weeks to come.
  6. Well, the D80 is a very nice camera, should give you plenty of settings to play with. Good luck :)
  7. noooooo, you don't UP the shutter speed for panning, you LOWER it and pan harder.....
  8. Like this, Hornet?


    1/50th shutter, and a lick of fillflash to help burn in the subject. :)

    Yah, slowing down the shutter a little more could be neat. I like the first sample! :)
  9. indeedly, no cheating with that picture <groan> :LOL:.
  10. Hehe yeah I know, I want to keep the motion blur in there so will just have to learn to pan better. Half the time I just forget to do it :grin:
  11. Cool CBR MoviStar - the bike I always wanted :grin:
  12. hey phizog. some of them look good. pushing a 100mm pan roadside is not an easy task. as far as the manual from nikon you can get one off their site but need a jap spec camera (yours wont be) and have to give them a lung and most of your left leg to get it. (you need legs to ride). saved you some time if you want one. type this into internet explorer and download it for free. is a cracked printable copy as most dont print.


    If Nikon knock on your door you dont know me.

    print it at uni and save yourself some paper. if you cant download and / or print it, just let me know as i have it and can meet you or email a copy. next time your at the old road i will bring up my 200 lens and you will see it is good for roadside work.

    till then.
  13. Very nice! Will this camera be coming on the Learner ride?
  14. Try sticking it on (S) Shutter priority around 1/20th - 1/60th of a second, depending on the speed of the corner
    -Take a still shot of the corner with no bikes, check your exposure (histogram should peak nicely in the middle if there's no extremely bright spots or extremely deep shadows, then set it to manual with the same desired shutter speed and adjust your aperture to correct the exposure and voila, pan away without having to worry about your exposure, you can just focus on practising panning :)
    I find that to start off practising, switch your lens to manual focus, then use the middle focal point square to follow your subject, after a while you'll feel comfortable and should be able to place the subject anywhere in the frame without needing a reference point. Hope that makes sense or helps a little.
  15. Shaweeet, downloading it now - thanks!

    Awesome I'll def. give that a go, cheers :)

    I was out there with a guy friends today and took a few snaps with yak's cam. If you saw us taking photos lemme know what you were riding I might have got one.
  16. Really need to take a notebook up to review for a proper photo day, but here are a few that turned out OK.

    [​IMG] th_4354. th_4233.

    th_3646. th_3576. th_3156.
  17. Nice shots. What corner of the Old road was this taken?

    Ths splash of red from the Duke looks awesome.

    More please!!!
  18. Looks like a few different ones....

    And please post up what type of lense you're using
  19. Thanks. First shots are from the second uphill sweeping left (heading north) - think it's where Deeno used to shoot from. Last shot's from Alan's corner.

    It's a 5 year old point'n'shoot, Panasonic FZ10, probably zoomed to something like 150-200mm equiv for most of them.

    Another one of the Duc.

  20. Thanks for sharing. I didn't know a point'N shoot camera and take fast shots like that!!!

    Any more different bikes shots?