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Old Road In A Car

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Speedy, Feb 12, 2008.

  1. Sometimes I like to take my XR8 for a spin up the Old Road. All good in and of itself, except for riders who think I'm a cop chasing them and sit on 60!!
    Any suggestions on how to let riders know that I'm not chasing them for nefarious reasons?

  2. * Dont wear light blue collared shirt
    * Slap on plenty of netrider stickers

    If i suspect something, I would usually move to the left lane, letting you pass while checking out who you are, then prob back to the prev pace.
    Good question btw.
  3. Meh, might as well go the whole enchalada and have blue+red strobe lights on the front dash, at least they'd get out of your way.... :twisted:

    (Can they get the internet in prison lockups? :-w )
  4. Enjoy the reactions :LOL:

    A mate of mine put some lights in the grill of his commodore and had a hand held siren out the window.... he got so many of his mates, frickin hilarious until the local cunstabulary found out :roll:
  5. go to your wreckers get a alarm horn hook it up then pull the bikes over so they get out of your way
  6. Overtake them?
  7. The only reason they would probably think you're a police car would be if you have the xenon headlight option on your RX8.

    As the cut-off of your beam flickers up and down in the side mirrors of the bike they tend to flicker a blue-ish colour which a rider will only see peripherally very quickly which may make them think twice about what just happened. Most will think, “did I just get flashed? oh well - I’ll slow down just in case.â€

    I only know this because I specialise in xenon headlight upgrades for cars and bikes and it’s something allot of my customers want replicated as they like causing a degree of confusion with other road users.

    Confused? Let me know and I’ll explain with pics.
  8. hang some fluffy dice on your rear view mirror, and stick a cops are tops sticker on the rear bumper
  9. Have a bong or a stubby in your hand. Probably make more friends.
  10. :LOL:
  11. Ummmmmmm, do you read the sign post speed limit on the old Road, by memory it is 60, so you might want to look for a race track instead, to get the cob webs out of your car. So of course they are going to sit on 60.
  12. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Oh, wait. Are you being serious?

  13. i think lou is conducting some perception management. Remember the enemy is watching!
  14. hey i was thinking about this the other day, what it is like for those people that have the same cars as cops do, they would never be able to get any where in a hurry as every 1 around them behaves ;)
  15. But they still tailgate you as if you should be going faster, anyway!

    I can only think of a single reason they would do this and honestly expect you to speed up:

    They are dumbshits.
  16. 60 KM/H? Old Road? Really Chickibabe? Fvck I thought the signs were in MPH and no one bothered to change them!
    I am thinking that Chickibabe is taking the p1ss.
    I hope.
    Good thought on the bong and stubbie, but how do I light the bong while driving and drinking the stubbie? And who's gonna pack it?
  17. Mate, if you cant pack a bong, while drinking a stubby, best get an auto tranny.
  18. big fat fluffy dice will solve that issue, while they are trying to look for the lights and gizmo's on the dash it will be all over

    i've often wondered what it would be like to own a late model falcon with dark windows... i figured it'd be fun giving people a scare until they sat 10km under the speed limit all the time around you
  19. Easy , ride your bike instead.
  20. Why do people thing I'm taking the p!ss? I'm NOT. :mad: If some one came up behind you and sat there trying to push you along a little faster, you would all be swearing and cursing at that car. Or I should say I would be.