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Old Road - Car accident and assocaited debris

Discussion in 'Hazardous Road Condition Reports' started by Unconnected, Oct 22, 2011.

  1. Hey all,

    a few corners (about 3-4) before the intersection immediately before road warriors (north bound) a car spun out pretty seriously this afternoon (was first on the scene)

    Her car gouged fat chunks of tar out of the road and sent dirt / bits of Renault all over the place.

    recommend taking it easy, its just on the exit of a fairly easy right hander.

    Driver was fine (VERY lucky, her car was rooted), thankfully i ate a burger at RW immediately prior, and was taking it easy to let it settle, had i been doing my normal average speed i think i would have probably got taken out.

    Stay safe!

    EDIT; http://g.co/maps/vs9bc

    Also wanted to add how good it was to see all the bikes stopping, at least 10 maybe more pulled over at one time or another to help manage the scene and slow people down. Really sends a positive message about the riders on the old road to the cars/locals etc.
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  2. She wasn't an l-plater that you were doing 15,000 rpm at her open window as you over took her, was it?

  3. Nup, standard renault driver thinking their car is 80% F1 and 20% shopping cart, spoke to some of the riders who stopped just after me who had been going the other way, and they said she overtook them going hard as anything.
  4. This is why women shouldn't be allowed on the roads... :bolt:

    Wait, she overtook riders?

    They must've been stuck in first.