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Old road breakfast run Sat 18/6/11

Discussion in 'NSW' started by cardboardtenant, Jun 17, 2011.

  1. The sun is out today and will be sunny tomorrow.

    I'm going for a run up the old road for some breakfast and coffee before doing the daily chores/work on the car.

    Anyone who's keen I'll be at Berowra Mobil at 730am leaving 8am. This is a little earlier than usual but it's just so I have a full day ahead of me after the ride.

    Post in here if you like bacon and egg rolls + coffee

    [MENTION=30209]noob[/MENTION] [MENTION=25428]goz[/MENTION] [MENTION=31500]trent112[/MENTION] [MENTION=25589]UDLOSE[/MENTION] [MENTION=31151]Ohmigosh[/MENTION] [MENTION=31558]teodons[/MENTION] [MENTION=29212]Blaise[/MENTION]
  2. Check the secret thread sam :)
  3. Now I'm confused... am I going to Picton or Road Warriors? (I thought I was going to Picton)
  4. i went today - it was absolutely perfect conditions! my bacon and egg roll was choice!

    have fun :)

    (what secret thread?) :(
  5. Its a secret :D
  6. You are going to Picton......u said so :)
  7. sounds secretive! :eek:
  8. It is ....its like secret mens business in shed's ;)

  9. he did, in the secret thread :)
  10. There's a secret thread ???? :-k

  11. go to the secret thread and i will tell you :D
  12. oh that's no secret. we know you all sit around reading and watching p0rn, watching sports, masturbating and drinking beer.

    sometimes you play some instruments like drums or bass guitar, sometimes you have pee'ing comps... but we women are onto you :p
  13. Ok im off looking for the secret thread :biker:
  14. whatchootalkinabootwillis?

    If people are going off for a jaunt tomorrow, I might like to join..
  15. I might be hardcore and leave from VIC tonight to join youse up.
    Or maybe not...
  16. anything

    watching p0rn, ie , latest edition of triumph UK Mag
    watching p0rn, ie , latest edition of triumph UK Mag

    masturbating and drinking beer has to be good right ?
  17. Yep thats what I hear
  18. OMG I've started a monster!

    While drinking beer, watching footy, and soon to watch p0rn.......

    What is this world coming to?

    Oooh, secret thread! Gotya! As you were lol
  19. I will be doing this quick run still for brekkie. I read 2mm of rain at peats ridge so will be going 75% just to get my riding kicks out after the last 2 weeks of rain.

    Any other p0rn watchers keen for a run?
  20. no all wrong..................its more like play chess, read books, fix stuff and discuss important world topics :p..........but thats a secret ok!