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Old riders learning new tricks?

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by fartsak, Jan 14, 2006.

  1. It has been @10 years since I had my last scooter and yes I have seen that there are courses for new riders but, is there anything out there (NSW) for people who want brush up/learn or improve their riding skills?

    (any luck and I will have a BOLWELL EURO 150 in a week or 2!)

    A thousand thanks................

  2. You're obviously a smart guy, knowing not to just jump straight back into riding, trying to be safe.

    Contact your local HART (Honda Aus Rider Training) centre. These are the guys responsible for all official government training of learners. There are centres everywhere in the state. Do a google search.

    You're definetly not alone in coming back to bikes. There are thousands of former riders returning in the past few years. For this reason, HART actually offer rider training courses specifically advertised as "For returning older riders".

    I've had private training by these guys before I got my P's, and a group of nicer, more bike savvy people could not exist.

    Congratulations on the new bike :)
  3. Thanks for the info.
    Any difference between HART/stay upright courses?
    It doesn't look like these courses are too popular outside the Sydney area.
  4. Fartsak,
    I applaud you, you have the courage to realise a refresher is needed. And mate, at 38, your a young return rider. Many should follow your leed.
    Great stuff, good to see.
  5. I did the same, once me missus said I could have a bike that is :) :)

    Have a friend who owns a riding school, so I went though the whole process on a geared bike until he was happy that I could go out on my own.. After six months I felt confident enough to take the boss out as pillion

    It was great doing it that way as I was to nervouse as I hadn't riden for 25 years

    And with the pillion, one has to take great care of ones natural resources..... :) :)
  6. Thanks for the info. Seems like its Sydney or bust though, nothing regional.
    The shopfront I checked out in Nowra the other day looked like it hadn't been inhabited for a while (Stayupright).... a couple of chairs, dust, dirt shitload of spiderwebs and a faded sign.... looked like they had just shot an old western. I swear I saw some tumbleweeds and an old prospector out front. :cry: :wink:
  7. thats so great that you have the sense to do it. too many riders just jump back on after many years off. Good idea to freshen up!!
  8. No, I wouldn't expect this kind of things to exist outside of major population centers. The best you could hope for would be Woollongong - have you tried your luck there?
  9. Zip outside Sydney really. I will try to ring the numbers and see how it goes. It is a bit of a catch if I have to ride for a couple of hours just to get a bit of a refresher on how to ride?!?!?.......
    For me, Common sense only comes from experience and learning from the right qualified sources in the right environment. It is expected but has to be learnt.
    Anyway, all I want to do is just enjoy the ride in safety and know that everyone on the road has that mindset. :grin:
  10. No, that's what all the shops look like in Nowra!

    {just kidding, of course!}
  11. i know one of the guys who runs the Nowra stay upright coures he is a real twat ... the fact he has pins in both his legs can harldly walk , has nearly been killed twice and is vague as all buggery because of the painkillers thay have him on is little wonder the shop looked deserted i wouldnt pay him for any advice with his track record