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Old rider, new to Netrider

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Sully45, Jun 25, 2007.

  1. Hey, after not having a bike for 8yrs, i finally bought another.
    Through private sale, i bought a Honda VT 750c custom ( US import) 1985 model and it's great to be on the road again on my own bike.
    When i wanted to go for a ride, i'de grab the old man's 750 Virago and take for a run on the Pink Ribbon run or the Toy run each year.
    By the way, is there anyone out there with the same bike or knows somebody with one.Would like to know if any and how many.

    Thanks guys

  2. welcome sully! check out the ride and events forum for some awesome rides that young Muttly sets up. Plus a few "Extra curricular activities" like gokarts.

    Kezza will be along shortly to invite you to coffee :LOL:
  3. hey sully welcome aboard mate.
    is quite a few brisbanites around on here now :) and quite a mix of bikes throughout the forum so sure you will find a few :)
  4. Thanks guys, when i get enough posts up,i'llpost a pic of the bike.
  5. Welcome aboard.

    Plenty of brissy people here to have some fun with..
  6. Welcome Sully

    There's a heap of VT750 owners in Ulysses if you want to find out more about them on a local level.
  7. Welcome to Netrider, Sully...
  8. Thanks for the welcome guys. As for my VT, pitcure the Virago 750, 1000 and thats my bike.
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  10. Welcome Sully enjoy ur stay
  11. hey there sully,

    looks like muttly beat me to the toss with all the links of relevance....hope he included the one to coffee club.

    great to see yet another brissie rider joinin the crew......

    look forward to meeting you
  12. oops sorry iffra....i was late......ah well, i notice that mutts has done the welcome wagon thing.....geeze where has my mind been lately?????