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Old Ride Reports - While living in Singleton

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by Highett, Feb 28, 2015.

  1. Sunday (4 Mar 12) - A bit of sun, time for a ride

    I decided that I would check out the back road from Jerry's Plans to the Bylong Valley Way, once there well Rylstone looked good and so it began......535k's and home.


    I left Singleton and headed towards Jerry's plains via Putty Road and the Golden Hwy, at Jerry's Plains I turned off and headed to Bylong Via Bureen Rd, Martindale Rd, Yarrawa Rd & Bylong Valley Way.

    Sunshine with a light breeze, some cloud starting to appear, very little traffic, Yarrawa Rd had some gravel.
    Bureen Rd & Yarrawa Rd had no center line, flowing water over the road in several places along the way and gravel washed across the road on the hilly bends.



    Bylong to Rylstone Via Bylong Valley Way, The weather was fine but cloudy, light breeze and flowing water over the road in low areas, gravel washed onto the road on hilly corners from previous storms, very little traffic, stopped at Rylstone and fueled up and a cold drink as it was humid.

    Headed off to Running Stream Via Bylong Valley Way, Cooper Drive and Castlereagh Hwy Cloudy and moderate breeze, weather was looking like it was going to turn for the worst, I rode into Kandos and took Cooper Drive to link back up with Bylong Valley Way only to find the road closed.
    There was bridge work ahead on Bylong Valley Way as there had been a lot of rain over the past couple of days, my heart sank as I did not want to back track, my guess was the detour was underwater.
    As I was high up I saw past the Bridge works a vehicle, so I figured the road was open on the other side, so I though I would just ride down for a look.
    The road detour was over an old wooden bridge, the water was flowing fast but had dropped and the bridge had sustained some damage it was passable for a bike, I don't think a car would have got across as part of the bridge was washed away and the side barriers were moved into the center which meant I had to weave around them on the bridge.

    No photos here, I sort of sat there and looked at it (the bridge) and made a off the cuff decision and road over, in hind sight it was probably reckless but it all turned out OK.

    There was 4 vehicles on the other side, I let them know what it was like and headed on my way to Running Stream.
    Good road with sweaping bends & light traffic, there was still water running on the road in some of the hilly sections (seepage) and some gravel that had washed onto the road as well, mostly on bends.

    Running Stream to Lithgow Via Castlereagh Hwy and the Great Western Hwy, A good ride, Moderate breeze, cloudy but no rain....luck with the weather was still holding out.

    Lithgow to Colo via Via Bells Line of Road, Comerley Road, East Kurrejong Road and Putty Road.
    Bells Line of road as always is a nice ride, I decided to swing into the Mount Banks Picnic Area as what I could see from the road looked very scenic, the dirt road was total crap, rocky and bumpy but worth the trouble.





    Comerley and East Kurrejong roads were OK but the Putty, that's the home stretch for me, some good straights and moderate twisties at this end.


    Colo to Singleton via Putty Road,

    Some good long straights with twisties, but the good stuff starts after the old half way servo, I do like the Singleton end of the Putty. The weather was threatening rain and the wind was gusty and some water was still running over the road in places, nothing deep just seepage, stone had come down in the cuttings, and a few boulders as well... keeps you alert dodging potholes, loose grave, rocks and branches etc.

    Made it home, no rain but a bit windy.
  2. Running in the Corbin Saddle - 17 June 2012

    The afternoon that I fitted the Corbin Seat, I did a quick lap around Singleton, I did not have much time so I did not go very far.

    First impression was the different seating position and center of gravity.

    Did I like it, well I did not dislike it, as with all things time would tell.

    The other week I slipped out for a little ride (150Kms) out the Putty to the old half way servo (Now Burnt out), How did the corbin seat feel now, well it still felt a little different to what I was used to.

    Firstly, the seating position is lower so the position of the legs and bend of the knee is different.
    Secondly, you sit further back, about 2 to 3 inches and that tendancy to slide forward is gone so that changes the ergonomocs a lot.
    Thirdly, the seat takes the pressure from your butt in different areas.

    Overall, I came home thinking it felt OK, the handling of the bike did not seem to have changed, operating the bike felt a little different, this just told me that I still needed more time in the saddle to get used to the new seating position.

    I decided that I would go for a decent ride yesterday, Unfortunately the weather was not very good, infact it was crap.

    I looked at this as a good oportunity to see how my PR3s were in the wet as well considering I hove now clocked 10,000kms on them and they are starting to cup on the front.

    Below is a map of the ride route and a photo of the front and rear PR3






    Any one who has ridden these road knows that there are some good spots, but mostly the roads are rough and contain a mix of pot holes, protrusions, depressions, troughs and bumps of varying degrees i.e. some sections are worse than others so when it rains they fill with water, when looking ahead the road looks like it is covered with riverets and ponds.

    The ride report,

    The weather report does not look great, I knew it would not be overly cold, infact it did not get below 6 deg, so I dressed accordingly, thermals and wet weather gear.

    By the time I got past the old half way servo on the Putty it was raining, not overly hard but consistant, the type of rain that over a long period eventually gets into everything, the rain got gradually worse as I went on so by the time I got to Lithgow I had already gotten some water in my boots and gloves and a little around my neck.

    Between Lithgow and Merriwa it was worse, continual heavy rain the depressions in the road were full of water and some could not be avoided, the force of the water hitting my boots almost knocked my feet of the pegs on occassion so my boots ended up soaked, fortunatly for me my socks although wet still kept my feet relativly warm (wet but not frozen), Water had gotten into my jacketfrom around my neck, I was wet down the middle of my back and chest and groin area, water had also gotten into my boots and gloves were soaked, Hands although wet were still warm (Electric hand grips Love em) and my feet wet as well were not warm but not really cold either.

    As you can imagin I was wet, My face was dry my New Nolan N43E performed very well, My Sena never faulted and kept my music playing through it all.

    I was wet but not cold, I love thermals they work well even when wet.

    It was dark when I pulled into Merriwa for fuel, the changes I did to the stock head lights and the additional driving lights paid off big time, when in conditions like this being able to see well ahead is a nessessity, the rain was easing at this point but there was still a lot of water on the road and the oncoming traffic had increased.

    I got 11,500 Kms out of the original OEM tires, they were OK but nothing to write home about, I replaced them after a lot of research with the PR3, after I run them in I went for an all day rain ride to try them out (there's that rain again) and I though that they were pretty good, now that I have 10,000 kms on them which is a fair mix of twisty and straight riding I still think the same they are pretty good and worth the extra dollars.

    Now the Corbin Saddle, 656kms, 580 of it in crap conditions.

    Did I use my Bead Rider on this ride?

    Did I use my Air Hawk on this ride?

    Do I like the Corbin Saddle?

    Do I think it was worth the dollars I spent on it?
    Yes - 16 week wait and all

    How did my butt feel wheh I got home?
    Good, much better than the stock saddle

    Did I feel any uncomfort during the ride?
    Yes occasionaly, not a lot but it was there, a quick stop for a leak or fuel got rid of it, by that I mean it did not linger and get worse.

    Over all at this point, very happy
  3. Hanging Rock Ride 24/3/2012

    I got Saturday off work and according to the weather forecast it was going to be a glorious day, Perfect combination, My curiosity + perfect weather = good ride.

    I was down the servo before daybreak and hit the road.

    I had a little Accident at Hanging Rock, sort of took the shine of the day a little, dropped the GTR on some loose gravel causing superficial damage,

    Bent right driving light bracket, driving light still works.

    Some decent scratches on the right side mirror, went back into place and did not break.

    A small hole from landing on a stone in the right side bottom skirt with the bottom corner cracked.

    Mid right cowling and right front section copped some decent scratches.

    Considering I went down on a slope and slid a bit the damage was minimal.....Could have been a lot worse.

    Bikes riding fine, does not have that new look at least for a little while anyway.

    I plotted a course for roads I had not riden before, however I did cut it short and slipped back onto the New England Hwy and headed for home after the drop with a total of 676.6km for the day.

    Overall a bloody good ride, and a big thumbs up

    Ride Stats:


    Ride Map:







  4. Hanging Rock Ride - Images continued








  5. Hanging Rock Ride - Images continued








  6. Hanging Rock Ride - Images continued








  7. Hanging Rock Ride - Images continued








  8. Hanging Rock Ride - Images continued








  9. Hanging Rock Ride - Images continued








  10. Wollombi, St Albans, The Putty - Ride Summary 30 Dec 11 - 355km


    Singleton to Broke

    No Photos

    Road was good, 2 lanes with lines, traffic was light

    Broke to Wollombi

    Road deteriorated to a single sealed strip, no lines, broken edges, patched with pot holes and rough in the corners


    Paynes Crossing / Wollombi

    PC300001. PC300003. PC300007.
    PC300010. PC300011. PC300014.
  11. Wollombi, St Albans, The Putty - Continued

    Wollombi to Bucketty

    No Photos

    Sealed Road improved, smoother, good twisties, 2 lanes with lines

    Bucketty to St Albans

    35 Kms of gravel road, not bad for gravel, some corrugations, (got it all) up hill, down hill, twisties and straights, great scenery, a few four wheel drives came through, lots of dust from them (they don't slow for you)


    PC300016. PC300018. PC300019. PC300021. PC300022. PC300023. PC300024. PC300025.
  12. Wollombi, St Albans, The Putty - Continued

    PC300026. PC300028. PC300029. PC300030. PC300031. PC300032. PC300033. PC300034.
  13. Wollombi, St Albans, The Putty - Continued

    PC300035. PC300036.

    St Albans to Web Creek

    Sealed road, 2 lanes lined, great twisties

    Photos: (Camera battery almost flat)

    PC300038. PC300039. PC300040. PC300041.
  14. Wollombi, St Albans, The Putty - Continued

    Web Creek to Wisemans Ferry

    On the ferry crossing the Hawksbury River


    PC300043. PC300044. PC300045.

    On the hill from Wisemans Ferry


    PC300046. PC300047. [​IMG]

    From the scenic Lookout (above Wisemans Ferry) over looking the Hawksbury River


    PC300049. PC300050.

    Camera is now flat so heading home through Pit Town to Singleton via the Putty Road and blow the dust off.

    Great Run, The GTR1400 handled the gravel really well, speeds averaged between 25 and 70 ks as the gravel surface allowed.
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