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OLD ride pictures from Jan 05

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Phanoongy, Sep 9, 2007.

  1. I was sorting out some of my old pictures and found a few sets ive never posted up; this ride was one of my first times on a Netrider ride back in 2005! (Did not go on allot of rides early on more coffee’s and parties at HQ) Mouth should remember it as he did not finish the ride....o yea and the last picture is of a tyre that had ran over an echidna....any one able to remember who’s bike that was at the time...and who has it now.....and yes Rolla did own it between the 2 :) :shock:
    http://s10.photobucket.com/albums/a106/Phanoongy/Ride 3rdJAN05/

  2. Well i wasn't there that day, but, the wheel looks like it's off a GPZ 250 and since i see "trenshadow" lurking in a few of the other photo's i would guess it was his at the time.......... NOISY BLOODY THINK TOO
  3. I remember that ride, was a lot of fun even if some tosser fell off and spoiled our day :LOL: :p

    It was a nice sunny day, roads were nice, company was great, feed was plentiful at the pub.

    Cheers :cool: