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Old Rd Pics

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Zim, Mar 9, 2015.

  1. I know its been done to death but a bunch of us went through and back and got snapped on the 8th,yesterday about 9ish am .Checked out Old Rd Photographer site and Half Light and neither had the pics.There was 2 camera bugs there,at the bottom of the hill below The Pits.
    Are there any other sites around for pic takers on The Old Rd these days Hope we weren't to fast for them,admitting nothing Mi-lord..

  2. Maybe Sully's motorcycle photos, do a search on Facebook.
  3. Flyby Images
    also found on fb
  4. Thanks for the tip,not there either.Hard to believe we got missed going both ways in 30 minutes,how often do you see,and hear 3 1975 3C Laverdas
  5. James McCauley mentioned being up there yesterday. Maybe he got you. He hasn't uploaded pics yet though
  6. Found them,thanks.He got 1 out of 3 of us
  7. The red with rider in matching gear?
  8. Close,Bike is red including the bevel ss fairing and a mainly red jacket with blue flashers.Bike has a red rack on the back.The one on facebook is Orange with an SS bevel fairing and number 3 is red and naked.