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Old Racing Footage

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Sparrar, Sep 19, 2009.

  1. Don't know if anyone is interested or if I am allowed to do this but this link is to the NZ Marlboro Series from Xmas 76/77 presented by Mike Hailwood. Before knee sliders and tear offs. :grin:


  2. WOWSERS!!
  3. Unbelievable. Crosby wrestling the big Improved Production Kawasaki around like a race bike. He was a star. And poor Pat Hennen, a great talent that never got the chance to fulfil his true potential. I remember seeing him racing Hansford at Laverton in February 1976 and he was so smooth.

    And "Gentleman" John Woodley. One of New Zealand's finest exports. Always had time to chat and always remembered your name. No wonder he was so highly regarded.

    Just a couple of years later, Stu Avant would clean sweep the inaugural Canberra Road Closure Races on Dick Hunter's RG500 Suzuki. I remember interviewing him and he said that it was all the practice racing the street circuits in his native New Zealand that enabled him to adapt so quickly and completely to the demanding Macaruthur Park layout.

    A great find, what wonderful memories it brought back.
  4. yep, you are allowed to do it. Thanks mate. it's horn
  5. are u robbie p?
  6. That's quite funny but I don't think Rob was the first or only one to use the term 'horn'.
  7. HA!

    Scroll forward to 11:45... You don't get that kind of commentary any more.
  8. I didn't re-read my post, but the "naughty" checker has blanked out Richard Hunter's first name!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Good one Sparrar, a memory or two there..