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Old printer + new PC == Arggh

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Mr Flibble, Dec 17, 2011.

  1. I've got a 10 year old HP laserjet 1200 - very light use, works perfectly. Recently, I finally upgraded my PC and, of course, no parallel port.

    So I bought a USB to Printer Adapter Cable... And I'm fscked if I can get the bloody thing to work.](*,)](*,)

    Win 7 64bit (and yes I've installed the right printer drivers from HP).

    Anyone care to hit me with a clue stick?

  2. Had this very dilemma not too long ago.

    Do you have a spare PCI slot?

    A parallel PCI card is way better than those cables.
  3. $50,,,Go buy a new printer ya cheapskate!! :rofl:
  4. The Following User Says No Thanks to streetmaster For This Useless Post:
    jazzfan (17-Dec-2011)


    Seriously, the old laserjet will probably outlast me. I just hope I can still get toner cartridges for it...

    twainharte, I was going to go that way, but was swayed by a pimply kid in the shop that the cable would just simply work...
  5. Is Windows Device Manager showing the printer properly?
  6. Had the same prob here too. DELL advise that our "old" printer isn't supported by Windows 7.....tops.
  7. If there is a driver from MS for the particular printer then you should be OK but I agree with twainharte an internal parallel port card will be more reliable generally with an old printer.
  8. Had the same problem when I loaded win7 (64 bit)
    Have a search for generic drivers, and you may get lucky.
    I had a canon printer, and had to wait 6 months before a driver was available.

    Just bought a $100 mfc printer to use until then. No longer have any printer attached unless I need to print/scan. Almost everything else is done via wifi in our house now. inc printing, eliminating the need to connect gear.

    try generic drivers first, otherwise you may be forced down the new printer route.
  9. I thought I'd try plugging the cable into my old XP box that was known to work via parallel.

    The cable isn't recognised at all. Nothing, yada, zilch. Last time I listen to a pimply kid.

    I'll buy a card. Sad thing is, I think I've got a spare parallel card lying around somewhere - but it's ISA.
  10. Did you check the BIOS to make sure the port you're using is enabled?
  11. My bad wording - by not recognised I mean it's reported as an "Unknown USB device".

    Obviously these USB 2 parallel cables need a plug 'n' pray printer, which if it's a parallel connection is not very likely. Ergo, they are a sham.

  12. those cables usually dont work.
    Windows 7 doesnt recognise the IEEE usb to parallel interface driver properly.
    You might get an unknown IEEE device that you have no hope in hell of getting a working driver.

    PCI parallel card is better and pretty cheap or get a newer printer (USB + network capable preferably)
  13. I had a Laserjet 4M+ that worked well with the USB to parallel cable. I only stopped using it recently because the toner cartridges were becoming difficult to get.

    Try this driver http://hp-laserjet-1200-usb.soft32.com/, it's a USB driver for the 1200 - use at your own risk,
  14. Buy a cheapie LAN to parallel adapter. search for jetdirect on ebay.
  15. I was going to go this route but looking at how varied the prices are I settled for a PCI card. Oh, and fleabay sucks balls.