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Old Pacific Hwy

Discussion in 'Hazardous Road Condition Reports' started by pastafarian, Mar 22, 2012.

  1. Anything on this road to watch out for as a learner?

    I'll be using it tomorrow going to the old folks home on the Central coast.

    There was a thread from Sept last year about the road surface on a particular corner, tried to reply to that thread but it was too old :p

  2. Just watch well ahead for wet patches, its a great ride BUT be wary.
    2 weeks ago ther were numerous wet patches across it, and as a newbie it could unsettle you so jsut take it at YOUR pace :biker:
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  3. Thanks!

    I never go nuts with an unknown road anyway :)

    Looking forward to it though! chain cleaned and lubed today, put an extra PSI of air in the tyres so I will adjust before I head off tomorrow if needed.
  4. Watch out for this corner......................so many people get this corner wrong.


    On the second half of it (northbound) the road gets tighter, twistier and more under cover..........youll see most of the water streams here. Watch out for mosses at the side, streams, branches, and leaves in that order.........

    The long straight stretches..........watch out for wildlife and a stray dog (that walks around there at night...at the side of the road though :))
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  5. Excellent I was after advice like this too!

    Two riders following the google car too :D
  6. Thought it might be that corner... was behind a guy a couple of weeks ago who got it very wrong and ended up on the wrong side of the road, he was lucky no cars/bikes were coming up the hill there at the time. Lesson learnt to keep plenty of distance from bikes infront. The fact that he was riding in shorts should have been enough of a clue to me... lol

    pastafarian - past mooney mooney it's all 60km/h, at that speed it's pretty hard to go very wrong. As others have said there's a few streams across the road after the recent rain, most of them you can see with plenty of time to shave off some speed. Watch out for 5-0, being a weekday there should be less of them than on a weekend though. Mostly just take it at your own pace and enjoy the ride :)
  7. Gotta say I haven't been on the old road for a long time - my first brown trouser moment was on this road being passed by a tool on the inside.

    Ride at your own pace but keep an eye out behind you too, its bogan central.
  8. That's an awesome corner! Both directions :)

    The surface of the OPH is generally pretty good although it's a bit lumpy on the stretch going up to the slab.

    Watch out for cops and stay within your limits, and it's a great ride.
  9. Lots of very long constant radius 35kph corners,dont apex to early.I havnt been about for a month or so but hear lots and lots of police about

  10. I bumped into the SydneysRiders guys last Thursday going from Berowra to Gosford...................was following a guy who ran wide on this corner as well.

    I do like this corner but I think some people do get tricked into this because it tightens up from the previous corner...........

    Going the other way is better though, you could see, have more road to play with and it opens up..........
  11. Theres another corner that I personally hate (cant tell from google)...........its a right hander on the second half. Theres a bunch of little bumps close to the centre line (I see this as the optimal line)...............its usually wet or damp there as well.

    I hate it cos my plays havoc with my tyres and suspension...........hitting that even at my noob angle unsettles MY bike especially the backend, just starts sliding out.

    Oh, watch out for cops on the longer straights, your pretty safe from popo's on the tight twisty narrow sections...........
  12. not quite, mal. saw one last week at that little bridge over the creek between calga and the slab. only barely a straight...
  13. Well I'm back. Forgot to turn right onto wisemans ferry road on the way back haha (I call myself a coastie?!?).

    As soon as I saw the 110 sign i was '************' No way was I doing 80 either. Ended up jumping off at calga 4km away, HAD A BLAST!
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    Paul (Noob) and myself will be up there in the morning. Look out for a blue GSX-R 600 and a yellow Daytona 675 going on a tad silly.

    Just remember, there are plenty of quick riders up there on the weekend. If you see one (or more) approaching and you're going slow, try and make it easy for a passing move.
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    Already been Blaise :p

    Unfortunately I'm working this weekend.

    I only encountered one other rider going the same way on my way back, on some beast of a bike (well compared to the VTR). I stuck my leg out to tell him to pass, not sure whats what yet in regards to signalling, I moved over at the same time anyway and he passed.

    Also, WTF CC riders, I got one nod from a guy on a Harley near Terrigal and that was it! makes me ashamed :p
  16. I'll be up there tomorrow morning hopefully be on there by about 7am (dodging the cops hopefully) look for the blue ninja ;)
  17. Haha, Either that our 'tell me when you are riding cause i really need to know'.
  18. Thats enough for the sneaky popos :(.....ive always wondered if that place has a good fishing spot, theres always people there.