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Old Pacific Hwy

Discussion in 'Hazardous Road Condition Reports' started by dezmonster, Sep 2, 2011.

  1. Watch out for deep gravel and sand on a left hander going South before Road warriors cafe (North of Sydney), its the corner with the bumps near where Mr plod sets up his hair dryer on the dirt side road.
    The dirt stretches nearly all the way to the centre line.

  2. Yeah i wish some bastard...eg RTA would clean that shit up, its been like that for around a month now.
  3. That gravel scared the hell out of me last Saturday.
  4. Yep, that shit is all over the road on the southbound lane. I would willingly pay up to $5 per old road loop as a toll to ensure the road is fully maintained and made safer for bikes.

    Considering its no secret that its Sydneys most popular motorcycle road, i find it disgusting that the RTA shows such a complete disregard for our safety by constantly failing to adequately maintain the road to a point where people could, and occasionally do, be killed or seriously injured because of shit such as this, how hard is it to send a street sweeper down the road once a week.
  5. Street sweepers are council run, not RTA.

    I can already see the complaints about the council trying to kill motorcyclists by driving slow moving multi-tonne trucks down the old pac ;p
  6. Road is RTA though.
  7. Yeah, but we all know that the RTA cares not a bit about road users - NSW Roads and Traffic Abuse-thority.
  8. Such a pity as I like that corner, it gave me and the mrs (pillion this time) a fright on Sunday.

    Lost the rear end a bit. Was ... interesting.

    I might go for a quick drive next weekend with a broom ;)
  9. Cardboardtenant going commando with a broom lol........................

    Ill be doing Old Pac at 5 or 6 tomorrow.........................Going to a work-site early Sat morning, it just so happens that its close to Old Pac lol :p. Ill keep an eye out for these stuff.................thanks guys.

    Now that youve mentioned it, Cardboard can you do your cleaning tonight?.............so I get a clean road tomorrow lol?
  10. [​IMG]
  11. Doh.............not going to Old Pac now, I just noticed that I dont have a bloody valid White Card so cant go off on site.

    As you were Cardboardtenant :p..............
  12. LOL

    That would be winning right now

    Mal, I'm in goldy for a bucks weekend. Don't crash lol
  13. Cardboard doing the sweeping would be more of a WINNING.................TIGERBLOOD :p. Hurry up from your partying, you've got plenty of corners to sweep :)...................