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Old Pacific Hwy NSW

Discussion in 'Bikes' started by FozzieRR, Feb 5, 2014.

  1. Hi,
    Please excuse if this is a repeat question, but does anyone know who the photographer was on the Old Pacific Hwy on Sunday 2nd Feb 2014.
    There was a guy on one of the corners taking photos of riders as they came around the bend. Would anyone know who this may be and if these photos are posted or uploaded anywhere?
    Many thanks.

  2. I think it's a guy who has a web page called Bike Photo or something like that. IF it still works, you put in your number plate and can see the photo's he took of you and your bike, and he sells them, used to be a fair price, don't know what it is now.
  3. on a slight tangent to this, there used to be a guy who took pictures on Macquarie Pass, but many riders were disappointed with his results, mainly because they did not appear to be going as fast as they thought they were :LOL:
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  4. Thanks. I believe that the Bike Photo guys do track days and events. Was also given the name of Mio Paredes to look into. Thanks again all.
  5. I'm sorry to say that the owner of BikePhoto - Dave Elliot passed away last year. If definitely wasn't him taking the photos last week.
  6. I think the guy you may be looking for is Mio, his on FB and does have his own website but i cant remember it. He pops up on Sydneys Riders page now and again though
  7. Thats a shame. I ran into him after being on my L's less than a week on my very first pacific highway run. I only went from Kariong north to that little cafe just past the weigh bridge and back but he was there and I did purchase his work. I got to see how much lean I was carrying and feel like a hero. :]

    RIP Dave.
  8. It's a shame about Dave's passing, I'd seen his work and it was excellent. I'd only ever chatted to him by e-mail, but he seemed like a genuine nice bloke. RIP Dave.
  9. Im close to starting this up soon, just getting a few things in order first, getting signs made up, and I'll be out there snapping away
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  10. Cool, can u edit mine so it looks like I'm leaning right over ??
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  11. No, but u can try yourself and Ill sell the pics to your insurance company :)
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  12. Once your up and running, could you set up an email address so we can contact you? Also please let us know when your out taking photos, so we can buy them.
  13. Ill have a website where you can purchase direct or contact me from there, Ill keep most forums up to date on where ill be, plus website :)
  14. Just went past someone 20min ago taking a photos just before mt white
    Would like to know who it was as he got me and a buddy I was with
  15. Wasn't this guy, by any chance??
  16. Anyone know who it was taking pictures, yesterday (Sun.3rd) just as you come out of Cowan and across the railway bridge?
  17. I might give it a crack at some point too, but the key is to hide so riders don't see you, that way they don't shit themselves and slow down ;)
  18. not really, signage is the key to let riders know they are approaching a photographer, also tells them what website it will be on :)