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Old Pacific Hwy - Newbie riding observation

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by klau, Mar 30, 2009.

  1. I'm very much a learner (1500kms of riding experience, have full license - 37 years old).

    I've done the old pacific hwy three times now, and noticed that many riders just lean the bike around the bends? I'm on a srv250 and '*hang off' as I don't trust the bike enough to lean it over... yet (I tried staying on the seat, but it just didn't feel right).

    Am I going about it all wrong, or is it just not necessary to hang off on that road?

    I'm doing the speed limt or 5-10 over in general.

    * - Try to. Half bum off seat, head inline/pass mirrors, weight inside peg.


  2. i can tell you now most of the leaning on the old pac is for visual purposes only.. you lean to the amount required and you're fine. when i do some longer 500km rides ive been known to hang off the side for ass comfort. is it wrong. who knows ?.
    aww hangon. you said they only lean the bike.. im guilty of that also. when cruizing thats what i do. my original point still stands though.
    cool bike.
  3. They are doing that 'coz they don't need to do any more.

    But you are doing the right thing 'sfar as I can tell. Just keep doing it. As you build experience you will be able to lean more and then low speed 'hanging' becomes optional.
  4. I started a thread a while back related to this called 'more efficient cornering' and got some very constructive replies.

    The way I understand it is the more YOU lean off the bike the less your bike needs to lean to achieve any turn radius at the same speed - this is a good thing with regards to having a greater surface area of the tyre on the road, which I would imagine is dependant upon tyre profile as well. I also feel that my suspension becomes less effective the harder I lean the BIKE into turns ie: the less I use my body, but that too may be specific to my bike.

    Disclaimer: I have done the same number of kms as you... but if it helps 50% are on the twisties hehe. I'm not a physics buff, so if I'm wrong correct me.
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    cheer guys.

    Yeah, I was kinda suprised to see very little hanging off on the old pacific. People tended to just lean their bikes. I like to hang off to keep the bike vertical, certainly 'feels' safer to me, but then again, I'm not moving at any great speed. Guess I'd keep at it.

    Jimmyz, here's a youtube link [media=youtube]sxODoscChN[/media] I posted a while back. It's about body position too with regards to cornering, etc.

  6. If you are saying that these other riders are remaining upright while tilting there bikes into the turn, then I would have to say that these other riders are either lazy, or don't know how to ride...Do not follow their example, and lean off the approprite amount for a corner. (at minimum, just make sure your body is inside the verticle axis of the bike)

  7. They're leaning with the bike, but staying in line with it. I was expecting more body postioning.

    Cheers all for the replies.