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NSW Old Pacific Hwy mooney mooney- cops lose case

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by ch12matt, Jul 27, 2012.

  1. North side of the bridge there is a less than pleasant drop where the bridge ends now.

  2. i am fairly sure it has been that way since they built the bridge
  3. always been that way as far as I know, go motocross style over it. Watch for HWP around there and the 60 zone ahead... always there on the weekend
  4. Been like that for as long as i know, watch out for the green moss a while after the road warriors. You can smell the dampness as you get close, slow down around those damp corners..
  5. Take heed of the above warning and read the following:

    Speaking of HWP... barring the green HWP car, we saw the full complement of the known lurkers patrolling the Ol' Pac yesterday. At least 6 people were done by the po-po for exceeding the speed limit by 45kph+ (and that's just what we saw at "The Old Road Warriors"). Essentially, besides the mandatory extended license holiday and a $2,100 fine, they slap a large orange sticker on the tank which explains that the bike cannot be ridden by anyone after a certain time (about 4 hours after the offence allowing the rider to get the bike home and only straight home) for the duration of the "home impoundment" (~3 or 4 months from what I recollect) and they confiscate the number plate. Two of the riders were P-platers and they didn't get the option to ride home leaving a friend or trailering as the only way to move their bikes.

    Note: If the bike is detected being ridden by anyone (I assume on a public road) during this period, an mandatory $1,800 fine is issued. One officer couldn't get a plate off a bike and gave the rider till Monday to hand it into his local police station or face an addition $1,800 fine.

    As the officer of the grey unmarked car from Brisbane Waters said to a group of us at RW, "By all mean come up here and enjoy yourself, just don't go crazy and expect to get away with it."
  6. brutal.
  7. Thanks Blaise. Do you know whereabouts they got them?
  8. Saw a gunmetal grey unmarked Commodore HP on the northern half of the old road about 2pm this arvo. All the gear on the dash, nothing outside the car.

    New Commodores really do look out of place on the old road.
  9. by the time you see them though ....
  10. and by that time usually it's way too late.
  11. Bloody hell. Thanks for this warning, I needed to see this.

    P.s - Coincidentally we have the same name.. pretty rare to see another Blaise
  12. its not actually his name.

  13. Oh OK. Well it's not mine either 8-[
    • Yellow HWP - after weighbridge tucked up a short dirt run-off just after the bus stop. Later in the fire station driveway - both just north of Road Warriors. Female po-po using a hand-held radar/lidar.
    • Grey unmarked - never saw him on the prowl, just booking in Road Warriors.
    • Red, White HWP's - having a chat just short of Slab (on the south end of the corner with the sign "water on the road") around 3pm.
    • Blue HWP - seen cruising past Road Warriors a few times (think he was lapping the freeway entrance to weighbridge).
    • North end of the Brooklyn Bridge (Mooney Mooney exit near the underpass) - don't know which car but was warned about it a few times during the day.
    • BMW m/bike - no seen personally but prowling the south end of the Brooklyn bridge.
    • Was also warned about an unmarked ute! White in colour with a hardtop on the back - all windows blacked out so you can't see anything on the dash to give it away. Was seen cruising the F3 during mid-week.

    PS. My nick is derived from Blaise Pascal (French mathematician).
  14. Seen a new copper coloured Hilux or Triton or similar nab someone near Mooney Mooney. Saw same guy get someone at McCarrs Creek Rd near Terrey Hills too.
  15. I had a nice run through there today hehe. You seem to be going on the wrong day, Blaise.
  16. ^^^ some of us have to work ;)
  17. I did four laps yesterday and didn't see one police car. But saying that it was very quiet, didn't get stuck behind anyone the whole time. It was great!
  18. Best time to go is after lunch on a weekday. If you can find the time
  19. just always remember to watch out for commercial vehicals doing random shit on weekdays, especially take the corners near the weigh station with caution, i once came around at my usual weekend pace on a weekday to find a semi completely perpendicular to the road blocking both lanes.

    As for the coppers, the best defence is having good cop vision, and also always warning other riders where possible. If i had a dollar for every time my ass was saved by another rider warning me of the pigs i would have a much nicer bike.
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