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Old Pacific Highway

Discussion in 'Hazardous Road Condition Reports' started by Speedy, Jan 3, 2013.

  1. There is a road subsidence happening at the Gosford end of the OPH, just past where the Piles Creek bridge collapsed a number of years ago when heading southbound from Gosford.

    This is exactly the same as what happened at Piles Creek in the months preceding the collapse, which killed an entire family when their car plunged into the washaway in the dark.

    I will be contacting Gosford Council when their road engineers are back from the Christmas break on Monday.

    In the meantime, just be a bit careful when riding in the area in case the road suddenly "disappears"!

  2. Good call, and precisely what this part of the forum is for...
  3. Does anyone have any info on today's crash. It was between Brooklyn bridge and Pie In the Sky on that area where there's a kinda look spot half way up the hill.

    I must have rode through ~10 mins after the crash, police, paramedics etc already just there.

    Hope no one was seriously hurt. The bike was a complete mess..
  4. Good on ya Speedy. I didn't actually notice anything up there yesterday at the far end. That said i thought the far end was a tad greasy and mossy for my liking. PITS end was okay and fun though.
    Hope the rider is okay after today's incident - hate hearing that.
  5. ^^ you know speedy`s post was made back in January ^^
  6. ^^ It's been a longer day than i thought! ....... and we have had a bit of rain recently. I've double checked Ballsy's date stamp though - benefit of the doubt?