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Old Pacific Highway Run

Discussion in 'NSW' started by snake, May 12, 2010.

  1. Hi all,

    Is anyone keen to do an Old PCHW run this Saturday or the next? Looks like great weather...

    I'm only on a CBF250 but have ridden for most of my short life...


  2. I will only be free on Saturday arvo, but was intending on being in there on Sunday anyway.

    PM me if either suits and you don't mind riding with a noob :)
  3. Hey mate,
    Depending on what time Saturday you wanted I may be able to do it but it would have to be around lunch-time or early arvo...I have my old mans bday that night...Sunday will be out for me this week also...Next week is looking free though.

  4. Saturday probably won't work then as I have a few errands first up in the morning and I can't say exactly when I'll be free.

    If you want to setup a day/time for next weekend though, count me in !
  5. Leaving about 9.30am - kellyville to wisemans, cross the river, and keep heading north east then back down the old pacific highway, stop at the pie shop. PM me if you are interested.

    We ride most weekends.
  6. Im always up for a good ride, have things on tomorrow morning till about 11 but after that i will be free all of saturday :D.
  7. There is a photographer who will be sitting around Brooklyn on the OPH tomorrowbetween 1-3pm. I'll be heading up if the weather is clear... fingers crossed!
  8. that photographer wont be getting very good pics by parking his highway patrol looking falcon on the corner where he is taking photos.
  9. Have to agree with that.....I came round the previous corner and saw someone in a hi viz jacket standing next to a car, aiming a handheld device at me and was suddenly on my best behaviour!
  10. Good point, he wasnt there yesterday anyway.
  11. Yes he was, we saw him
  12. me too, he was there.....