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Old Pacific Highway Fatality

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by rc36, Aug 15, 2005.

  1. At Mount White, north of Sydney, a motorcyclist was killed in a head-on collision with another bike rider on the Pacific Highway at about 10.45am (AEST) Saturday.

    courtesy news.com.au

    When Hornet and I were riding up there on Saturday morning, the highway was closed. I guess this is why. Mind you, it didn't seem to have affected the two guys, one on a gixxer and one on an R1 who were racing each other up from the bridge.

  2. Go to oroadsports.com forum if you want the full details of what happened.


    First two pages have most of the details, by two of the members who were at the scene minute after it happened (and before police & ambos got there).

    The guy who died was a member of the Hayabusa club. His brother (who was directly behind him when the accident happened) posted in the following forum


    And before this thread degenerates as has happened on some other forums, calm down a second, you weren't there, so you don't know exactly what happened.
  3. a whole group of us were at Pie in the Sky when word filtered back about this and to say the mood turned sombre would be an understatement.

    all i have to say is that 'the centre line is sacred'.
  4. Jeeze. Sometimes fate really sticks it in and breaks it off doesn't it :(

    RIP and condolences to family and friends.

    Hopefully this drives home the "stay in your lane" message a bit. I've seen a few bikies out on the wrong side of late in some very dangerous situations. Was really only a matter of time before something like this happened. Just a pity it's the innocent guy that cops the sharp end. :x
  5. As a former resident of the NSW Central Coast, I have travelled the Old Pacific Highway countless times to and from Sydney. This road is extremely twisty and therefore fabulous for motorcyclists. Fun for cars too......

    I urge anyone who travels this stretch of road to be cautious. Don't be a hero and fly through there. One slip up and you could be flying over the cliff into Broken Bay and the trees below.

    Condolences to all.
  6. thanks for the link Kaer, some sad reading in there.
  7. Man, I can't read all that, it makes me sick. And, as I said in my original post, not two miles from where this happened, we saw a guy on a gixxer racing a guy on an R1 uphill out of the bridge and if they weren't doing 140-150k's...well, it's just amazing.
  8. After doing the drive down the ocean road between Torquay and Lorne, then back up to Winch on the Weekend, I can honestly say that I am over it, the amount of wannabe d1ckheads in a fast and furious/Torque fairyland, all over the road was really p1ssing me off.

    Those movies have a lot to answer for.

    what happened in Sydney is sad but it is becoming all too common on all popular twisty roads these days, it's come to the point where I just stear clear of them when on the bike and stick to the less known rides.
  9. Scooter I have to agree. I ride the Macquarie Pass frequently and it's the same problem there. On Saturday we were riding down the old road towards the bridge (speed limit 80km/h) and these two wannabee Rossis were flying up, about 20 cms apart at what could easily have been 2 times the limit.

    Bikes coming the other way before them had flashed their lights at us so they obviously knew what was happening further up the road, but did these apes care??

    Is it any wonder the first thing that people ask you when you tell them that you ride a bike is, "Isn't that awfully dangerous?"
  10. My condolances to those involved on the other forums who knew the guy in question.

    Worse thing about all this is, according to the brother of the guy who died and was following him and saw the whole thing, is he was just toodling down the road at 60km/h and got cleaned up my a rider who crossed onto the wrong side of the road.

    Watching a sibling die is not on my list of things I ever want to experience :cry:
  11. Yep, doesn't even bear thinking about.

    And on the subject, 3 of the 4 fatalities on Macquarie Pass in the last year have been a bike on the wrong side of the road colliding head-on with another vehicle.

    I agreed with Josh, THE CENTRE LINE IS SACRED
  12. AND, judging from the witness statements on the web site listed above, the attending police may be facing some serious scrutiny over their actions too.

    Why does it take a tragedy to wake us up??
  13. The answer is in the right hand, fellas. Modern street bikes handle stop and steer almost as well as GP bikes ten years ago, so it's not the machinery. Bikes don't kill riders, riders kill riders, or kill themselves. It's just too sad.
  14. ...and, oddly enough, missing for most of the length of Macquarie Pass.
  15. Give me a break! The Old Rd has been averaging a couple of fatalities a year since year dot... maybe Stone is to blame, then?
  16. There is a petition afoot to request a centre line on The Pass, but many motorcyclists DON'T want to have it, not because they want to spend most of their time over it, but because in dampish weather it could present a hazard in its own right. I'm in two minds about it, because on many of the corners everybody, car and bike, is near the centre just by virtue of the profile of the road.
  17. Go for it, I wont G A F, the bloke who was killed was doing all the right things, but unfortuantely the dickhead coming the other way was not.

    My point was that unfortunately these popularised roads are becoming plagued with rice boys in turbos and boy racers, who can't ride for shit, just like what was portrayed in those crap movies.

    fcuk em, I came very close to caving the head of one of them in on Sunday, after he went around me on the Winch road.

    I was driving at a safe distance behind the next vehicle, riceboy decided that he had to overtake on a blind corner, double lines, he was on the wrong side the entire way around.

    Luckily for IK he wasn't coming along in the other direction.
  18. Go for what?

    Congratulations, I guess...

    What does that have to do with you claiming that,

    What's "becoming" doing in the above sentence? People have been riding like twits and writing off themselves and others along twisty roads since bikes came into existence. Why pretend it's only something which recently became a problem when there's no shortage of blokes in their 40's who take pride in dragging the guts of their 80's bronto-bikes as they pass some young #$%& on his flash !@#$#% &%$!#... they won't have got into those habits last year, would they have?

    Sure you did...

    Convenient how that happened only a couple of days before you needed to raise it as a pint of argument in a debate.

    No, it's lucky for me you've come along to trivialise the issue by reducing it to a recent phenomenon brought about by the release of a particular pair of movies hardly anybody paid any attention to.
  19. Well if it makes you any happier, several times on those roads on Sunday memories of the type of shit portrayed in those movies sprung to mind.

    And no I am not trying to trivilise what happened in Sydney, just putting a personal slant on the way I see popular motorbiking roads on weekends.

    And BTW that type of situation is never convenient. :roll:
  20. Hey scoot, you can't win an argument with someone who doesn't listen to what YOU are saying........