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old pac&putty run 30/10/2010

Discussion in 'NSW' started by ONE, Oct 24, 2010.

  1. Righto me and tubsy are doing this run this sat 30/10/2010 if any one else wants to come your more than welcome to.

    Beingon my p's im not looking to do warp speeds but i dont ride like a granny and like to keep a brisk pace.

    also im not too keen on riding in the rain as ive had plentythis weekend and the rain spoiled my fun.
    i dont mind a light shower.

    route as follows

    righto so meet at mt colah maccas at 8.30-8.45am
    for a swift deapture at 9.00am

    -up old pac
    -leftat wisemans ferry rd
    -onto george downes dr
    -right onto great north rd
    -onto paynes crossing rd
    stop at wollombi pub for lunch/rest/fuel
    -cary om paynes crossing rd
    -left at millbrodale rd
    -left onto putty

    finish up in windsor

    from memory my route is right but i will double check tomorow on the map

    i dont mind making more rest stops along the way if need be
    hopefully will be a nice day
  2. No can do for me Trent. I need to be in Kiama in the afternoon so I may only drop into the L session in my cage before heading down.

    Have a sunny, and event free run. I will be up for the next one :beer:
  3. Sunday would be better for me but not making any promises until closer to the date.
  4. yup ill put my name down for this one
  5. Put me down as a maybe. depends on if I can get my arse out of bed early enough. :D
  6. Petition to rename Trent to "2 stroke granny", y/n?
  7. Lookin forward to it after a good ride on the weekend, seen the long range forecast though? :-s

    Just wondering if we may get more takers by giving a link to this thread into the big thread from Saturdays ride?
  8. I'm in, not 100% yet as i may be required to work saturday. Looks like an awesome ride i will do my best to make it.
  9. Lol 2stroke granny sounds good to me
    Does anyone wana do a few laps of the old pac?
  10. Gotta work Sat arvo. Sunday would have been better.
    Maybe next time.
  11. Ride the same route twice in 1 day?
  12. And the problem with that is ?
  13. Riding the same route twice in 1 day when there's lots more to explore. :-s

    In saying that, I've not done it before, so who knows.
  14. I like doing laps of the bit just after PITS and before the Mooney Mooney bridge.. Such a nice section of road.
  15. There is exploring and then there is playing and working on your cornering skills with a known set of variables etc.

    It's listening to that little voice that says .... that was fun I could do that again, but I got a little out of shape on 'X' corners, I wonder if I can improve on that or is it my bike set up that is, throwing me off ?

    hmm maybe i'll run it again and see if it was me or the bike.

    Thats how you learn how harder/softer settings and rebound can effect not only your riding but how the bike handles.

    As Goz can tell you after the run on sat and my front end rebuild, I have the front perfect for the way I ride, but I now know the rear is way to hard and needs some work :)
  16. Oh yeh, fair point. You and I are coming at it from different points of view is all.

    Having moved from NZ, I'm keen to get out and explore my new surroundings.

    I hear what you're saying re bike settings too though, important to know. Having spent a few years negotiating NZ's twisties, of which there are many, I find myself constantly evaluating the handling and setting of the bike, I was constantly testing it on Saturday too.
    Found it interesting how the cruiser is 'softer' through bumpy corners than my Hyosung upright used to be.

    Pleasantly surprised at its cornering capabilities though.
  17. Nothing wrong with cruisers, my ex had a 1100 virago and it handled the corners fine twoup as long as I adjusted my riding :angel:

    I got a few slaps for scrapping HER pegs ](*,)
    We even got to embarrass a few sport bike riders once, something about them getting overtaken by a cruiser on the outside twoup in tight twisties
  18. Yeh, cruiser has always been my dream bike, not really sure why. Probably a combo of the sound and what I feel to be, the powerful feeling riding position. Who knows, all I know is it's the bike that brings a smile to my mug. :D

    I am amazed at how quick off the mark this bike is actually, it's got power to burn, although, on the reg papers which I transferred to me yesterday, it says LAM?? Does that mean it's got restricted power? Any way to change that, because I've had my full licence since before comin over.
  19. Sorry for derailing the thread a tad guys :-s

    But Tubbsy yeah looks like you have got yourself a restricted 650 ](*,)

    To much of a hassle derestricting it, best put up with it as is or trade up to non restricted one.