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Old pac @ night

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by POPEYE, Sep 14, 2011.

  1. bad day at work, arguement with the missus = one amazing night ride down old pac & back to clear the head....

    it was such an amazing, trouble free night ride down last night i am still thinking about it. It was ridden 'The Pace" not white knuckled. i can't help as to think why i would ever go down there in the day?

    but in the back of my head i was thinking of all the pitfalls of night riding & crashing out there in the dark & cold & no one to find you......defineatly not planning to go back down there at night anytime soon, but i will not forget that ride thats for sure

    i usually don't like rides at night but just curious as to other people's night riding experiences?
  2. just watch out at night, there's cops and cars going VERY fast through there sometimes...
  3. Yep day time is for bikes, night time is for the cars. Most of which are either going very hard or trying to get their dorifto on.
  4. Now you know why I go there at night. Its quiet, no heros, you could go as fast or as slow as you want without anyone bothering you, no police, you dont get sunburnt, less traffic going there and back, you dont need to take a sickie, its relaxing etc.......................

    I share the same concerns though, the best idea would be to have one or two or more riders, so that theres someone to call for help or bring some petrol.....................

    Popeye, im definitely up for a night ride up Old Pac next time you go up there...........thats if im not stuck at a party or a bar lol :).

    The only good thing with day rides for me is better vision and generally more people to help you out.

  5. Never seen a cop there at night EVER....................but have seen a couple of cars driving like its a race track. I usually see a done up MX-5 there going at a fare pace...................apart from residents, these cars only do the smooth section of Old Pac (first third) and wont go anywhere the slab.............the first section is a wide road and theres plenty of overtaking room.
  6. Old PAC night runs are the best. I think the fastest I've ever gone through there was at night, I got off the bike shaking. Not in a hurry to do that again, but I'd happily do more night runs.

    Yeh u gotta watch the cars there's some seriously fast ones at night (rollcages, semi slicks etc) and you also get drifters but atleast you can see the headlights coming the other way on corners. You don't want to be going the opposite way as them. Piggy backing onto the back of a fast car at night is great because they light the road for you.
  7. Popeye, this thread looks promising, it could be a start of a night cruise up Old Pac :)............im definitely down for this. Since working full time, I normally dont have enough daylight to play around.
  8. Just get a phat HID conversion :D My headlights are more powerful than my car's highbeams.... ON LOW..
  9. Lol my lights are brighter than yours :)..............................

    Better lights is a must for night rides.
  10. Aah been a few months since "the pace" has been mentioned - thanks for the reminder!
    If you must ride pissed (off with the missus...) it's the only way to do it.

    EDIT: Now that I think about it, I've actually incorporated bits of the pace into my everyday riding style! Well fancy that...
  11. Done the Night ride a few times (im usually riding nights anyway!)
    The only thing thats sent the oh **** factor through the system was some fast movin squirel just cutting across me!
  12. Ive been there at night. Way too scary for my liking!
  13. The biggest unknown is Bambi and Skippy. Hope you never meet them up close and personal. Our little group allways avoids night, dawn and dusk rides for this very reason.
  14. At least Bambi doesn't target fixate into you like those errant riders during the day.

    I love twisties at night it's like a computer game.
  15. haha...thats the problem all you can really see is the reflectors, & its hard to see the vanishing when your head light doesn't point where your head is looking, dynamic headlights based on lean angle would be great on a bike....at night go fast into a corner & you can get lost as to where it goes, then it gets scary...

    thats why i think the pace is perfect for safe riding, slow in fast out!

    my biggest problem is sweeping right handers & staying on the correct line without having my head over the double whites

    pm me next week, hopefully i would have replaced the clutch cover on the gixxer this week, without screwing it up!

    i think you'll be taking the lead then:p...
  16. Bambi will target fixate on you, and wait until the last second before darting out. Happened to me once and nearly got me, happened to others as well. Bambi must be related to those numbskulls you talk about.
  17. My favorite road for a spirited night run is maquarie pass down near the gong. The reflectors are really good and light up well. Decent surface and pretty well unpoliced on a weeknight. Last year in daylight savings I'd go with my mates there after work and do mt Keira then maq pass, then ride home.
  18. If I havent gone overseas then ill do that.

    its going to be one slow ride with me leading :)...................