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Old pac cops & rta van?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by POPEYE, Nov 6, 2011.

  1. i been trying to do a search for hwp & rta van to no avail....i spotted a pair at old pac today after doing the wisemans ferry loop & coming back downhill northbound from the pie in the sky.

    they had 2x sportsbikes stopped by the side of the rd heading south, i am assuming RTA vans are there for DB testing?

    plus i saw 3x hwp cars going southbound, has enforcement been increasing, i having been coming up here every couple of weeks for 2x years & i swear i have only seen 1/2 dozen HWP on this road?
  2. they come and go, they blitz the area for a while then piss off
  3. saw one last Wed.............I think a new route is in order, keep them guessing.
  4. I went on sat arvo there was nothing. Time to start avoiding that road again.
  5. Sat morning a copper 4WD stopped at pie in the sky for refreshments...............they were just watching me struggle get the bike on the trailer.
  6. the uphill southbound right hander with three lanes?

    At least one bike was definately not the same shape it came out of the factory - and why would you choose that location to do noise tests when there are a couple of pullouts nearby?

    Wouldn't have something to do with the ambulance and F3 signs warning of crash on old road instead of being cynical would it?
  7. Was there on saturday afternoon and i saw only one cop who was pulled over in calga just chilling.

    To be honest generally if there are police you get warned about it by other riders and drivers so its not too much of an issue.
  8. Ha! That's what I used to preach too. They've started hiding in the bushes and doing "visual speed checks" on OPH.